spankings (his and hers)

Being polite, ladies first....

We had a little disagreement a few days ago, where Cindy ranted... and I acquiesced and just listened.

When she had finished, and calmed down considerably, she realized by a few words from me that she was guilty of being way over the top, that if I had spoken like that I would not sit comfortably for a week or more, and that, she was actually wrong.

Cindy REQUESTED that I spank her, and then the matter would be forgotten.... I agreed (never pass-up such a good opportunity), and we walked into the living room, where Cindy lowered her pants, and then I lowered her panties and directed her over my knee.
 I stated ten spanks on her bare bottom with my hand, and that she should count them out loud... She owwwwed with each spank, and after six brisk spanks I paused, as she complained that they were too hard....  I began again and after two spanks she said eight, whereas I replied I had not heard seven, so it could not possibly be eight, and as she disagreed I kept slowly spanking her, saying that she had the bare bottom being spanked, so she might like to say seven soon... which she promptly did.
I then completed the spanks to ten... and I had a wonderful time...

Two days later, Cindy was annoyed at something I did, and it was bare bottomed bent over in the kitchen with the food stirrer doing a long and effective spanking. Cindy has taken to heart that if she is going to spank, she should make certain that it is effective, so she wandered all over my bottom, and the top of the back of my legs, which is an area she seldom spanks, but she did like my reactions to being spanked there.
Spanking solves problems, allows stress to be dissipated, and makes the spankee aware of what is wrong and needs to be changed.

Life is fun, be certain to enjoy it.