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spanking while travelling

Spanking was somewhat absent during the first two weeks of the vacation, but made a  strong comeback towards the end of the vacation... One highlight was Cindy's immediate joy on entering one of our hotel stays, and seeing these items hanging on the dresser.
Wow! Isn't this thoughtful of the hotel to provide this for our use...

and look, she said, they provided these pillowspositioned specifically for your to bend over..
 I took a picture of this to show how long the wooden brush was...
as you can imagine, it was not long, after changing into a pair of panties to enhance my submissiveness, before I was positioned on the bed over the pillow..
my panties being pulled down and a few good spanks before dinner
Cindy took a few photos, and then put the camera down, a did one flurry of hard spanks that had me dancing up a storm with my feet, before she stopped and stated it was time for dinner.

Cindy used this brush on three separate occasions while we stayed at this hotel for two nights, in Killarney, Ireland.  (photo is from their website) It was a gorgeous hotel, and we highly recommend it, including the pub located next door for an inexpensive excellent meal.Here is a pictures of the room, but with the pillows at the top of the bed.... MAKES ME WONDER IF THEY KNEW WE WERE COMING, AND HAD THE PILLOWS SET FOR CINDY TO USE APPROPRIATELY. Makes one wonder how many times the wooden brush as been used on guests' bottoms? (PS: sex later that night was fabulous...