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little spankings

Things change from time to time.

A week or two ago, I informed Cindy that her immediate spankings in the kitchen were not that effective. She would pick up a wooden implement, normally the soup stirrer, indicate for me to bare my bottom, or simply state bend over (which implied bare your bottom), and would whack away for about ten spanks, which would have me hopping around a bit.

However, it was so fast, and momentary, that the discomfort was gone sometimes before I had finished setting the table, or before we were eating. I suggested that she should give double that number of spanks to make certain I remembered, and that she would have dispelled any and all of her anger.

Yesterday, Cindy remembered what I had stated, because when she felt it was necessary to spank me on the spot, I was truly hopping and wishing I had kept my big mouth shut, while she enjoyed maybe 30 or more spanks delivered to my bare bent over bottom. Rest assured, I certainly felt them while sitting and eating our lunchtime meal. This photo shows the situation well, but it was a man being spanked(me)
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A few days before this, Cindy had done something wrong, which she knew was wrong, and I was thrilled to bend her over slightly while delivering ten good hand spanks to her bare bottom. That spanking might have stoked the flames for her remembering to pay me back more than double when next I was spanked, as I described above.
Personally, I recommend to every couple who are thinking of using spanking in their marriage to give it a go,so to speak, but be certain it is consensual.

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