excellent spanking photo tumblr site

I thought I would alert you to another spanking tumblr site that has many excellent photos
 many of which you may not have seen before
 The site   http://spanktastik.tumblr.com
 The site has both men and women being spanked

 but you know the preference of this blog

All photos come from this site
bottoms up

spanked :)

Thought I would start updating whoever happens to look at this blog about my spankings.

The blog is titled consensual spanking, and this implies, and is true, that my spankings are  consensual, and Cindy's spankings are accepted as reasonable if the reason is sufficient.

Yesterday, we had been home for a few days, and I was missing the thrill of being spanked, and we had been very busy, besides adjusting to the time change of five hours....

An afternoon interlude was anticipated, and after Cindy had bathed and dressed in sexy lingerie, I joined her in the bedroom, where she was standing with the wooden hair brush. I suggested that she might like some other spanking implement, as we had this brush with us for four weeks of vacation. She readily agreed, and suggested leather.

I retrieved the heart shaped metal studded leather paddle, that pleased Cindy.  Cindy stated that this is her favorite, and immediately sat on the spanking chair. A lowering of my pants and underwear, a pat of her knees indicating I should bend OTK, and Cindy began with a flurry that had my feet dancing in no time.
After a month of travel, this implement feels totally different than wood,  and it's tip certainly visits virgin areas... Cindy paused, and asked that I state something I had done wrong, so that she would have a reason to be spanking me.
My response was that she should not bother in being upset, but that this could be a good boy spanking as a reward. She seemed to like that and proceeded to spank away fast and furious, then slow and stronger, many on one spot, then moving on, then alternating and having be danced up a storm...
When Cindy decided she was finished, she permitted me to stand and I immediately thanked her for spanking me, and we proceeded to caress, kiss, and moved to the bed for extremely satisfying and thrilling sex.

So, if you have never tried spanking, it can be a great aphrodisiac.

The next day, I still have red marks on the far side of one cheek, where the paddle had wrapped often...


                      Six Golden Rules For F***ing...

These rules are so true.

1. F***ing once a week is good for your health, but its harmful if done every day.
2. F***ing gives proper relaxation for your mind & body.
3. F***ing refreshes you.
4.After F***ing don't eat too much; go for more liquids.

5. Try to do f***ing in bed cause it can save your valuable energy.

6. F***ing can even reduce your cholesterol level.

So remember:---
FASTING is good for your health, and may this lady cleanse your Dirty Mind. 
with a spanking

spanking while travelling

Spanking was somewhat absent during the first two weeks of the vacation, but made a  strong comeback towards the end of the vacation... One highlight was Cindy's immediate joy on entering one of our hotel stays, and seeing these items hanging on the dresser.
Wow! Isn't this thoughtful of the hotel to provide this for our use...

and look, she said, they provided these pillowspositioned specifically for your to bend over..
 I took a picture of this to show how long the wooden brush was...
as you can imagine, it was not long, after changing into a pair of panties to enhance my submissiveness, before I was positioned on the bed over the pillow..
my panties being pulled down and a few good spanks before dinner
Cindy took a few photos, and then put the camera down, a did one flurry of hard spanks that had me dancing up a storm with my feet, before she stopped and stated it was time for dinner.

Cindy used this brush on three separate occasions while we stayed at this hotel for two nights, in Killarney, Ireland.  (photo is from their website) It was a gorgeous hotel, and we highly recommend it, including the pub located next door for an inexpensive excellent meal.Here is a pictures of the room, but with the pillows at the top of the bed.... MAKES ME WONDER IF THEY KNEW WE WERE COMING, AND HAD THE PILLOWS SET FOR CINDY TO USE APPROPRIATELY. Makes one wonder how many times the wooden brush as been used on guests' bottoms? (PS: sex later that night was fabulous...

your smiles for today

Boys will always be boys
 however we may be getting a little too old for some things
Like the comment : do these jeans make my butt look fat (said the wife)
Any husband comment of : "It's not the jeans" is  a quick death
 so remember to smile daily...
 whether you are giving the spanking
 or taking your jeans off
 to be spanked without any clothes
or other fun ideas


Today brings a collection of fun ideas to make you smile or possibly laugh out loud..
Ever wonder what is on a man's mind....
whereas an updated musical chairs for adults would be fun
 However, please, we do not like to be used
 so, a word to the wise
 and with spanking
 so ask nicely
 the secret
I always mean well
 does get results
 one last reminder

we are getting older... surprise

This was too funny not to pass on...


While we were in Ireland, we saw in one display case things from the past.... and it had micro computers and card readers and such...

Makes one feel just a tad old doesn't it...
Fortunately, if getting old is stressing you, women of all ages
are happy
to help us cope with stress
 by sitting on a chair
 and spanking our stress away
They will even take their own belt off to help you
so do not let age get you down, just have a woman gently lower you over her knee and spank the blues away...

on yesterday's theme

I have always enjoyed the comics titled "Peanuts", something I grew up reading.... Thus, I have a desk calendar with a different cartoon daily. A quote from the back of the October 7th, 2013 cartoon:
On  October 7th, 1913: The first continuously moving assembly line is run at a Ford motor Company plant to assemble a Model T chassis.
fast forward 80 years to 20 years ago.... look at all the amazing stuff we had: video recorders, VHS players, portable boom boxes, Cd's, cassettes, cameras, and more...
 It is good to know that with all this change,
 happily (at least for the spanker)
 if not for the spankee
 that good old-fashioned spankings are available for men
and for women
even old-fashioned ideas of cornertime
enjoy the present, and all of your spankings, whether you give them, or receive them, or both