Cindy Spanked while cruising

Cindy is adapting well to being spanked. OF course, she is still somewhat in charge...
I was reminded by this when Bonnie posted her weekly question,
B)  in exchange for something desired

Electronics can get you spanked. Cindy had taken books out of the library, for reading on her Nook.

One that she was really enjoying reading, had many many pages left in it, and it would disappear from her device at midnight.

We could go to the show on board, and then walk on deck, and relax to some music... as a couple, or I could be on my own while she read.

I was miffed that she was thinking of choosing the book, so I offered that I could spank her after she had finished reading the book....... for not relaxing together....

She pondered and stated only with your hand....
I countered that she will be reading for at least two hours.. and even then only skimming some of the pages, so this spanking would be with the hairbrush......
She paused, and then only ten spanks, but I countered with 20 spanks as you know what you are dong is wrong, and yet are intent on doing it even if you are to be spanked with the hair brush....

Not hard was her reply, and I said medium so that you do not find yourself in this predicament again.

She agreed...

Have I told you that I am pretty good when it comes to negotiations...

Cindy wanted he spanking right away, but I thought it best to wait until after she finished, enhancing her anxiousness, and my excitement.

When Cindy finished, as we had spent some time in the library, we went back to our room, turned on the television......

and slowly, I disrobed Cindy from the waist down, lecturing about her foolishness, and then guided her over my waiting knees...

I gave Cindy a slow spanking, first one cheek, then the other,
and a little fondling to prolong the experience... Twenty spanks came slowly and were very much enjoyed by me, and to a much lesser extent by Cindy... Her bottom showed a very nice red color.
 When finished, after a quick shower for Cindy, we made love, and it was exquisite...

Incidentally, and much to Cindy's chagrin, when she looked at her reader the next day, the book was still there, it had not disappeared, and it remained there for the remainder of the cruise....

pegging photos

See a description of our first time tomorrow
until then

here is a little selection
Of strap-on
come and get it

caption saturday

The thoughts surrounding spankings are a lot of fun, and adds to the excitement.... Here is a scenario you might like to play out, just  for the fun of it... let me know if anyone tries this..
 So when you arrive at home, wife is waiting, and the look an the tapping of the wooden spoon against her hand makes you wonder
and maybe become excited,
wonder how long that erection will last between her knees
but also worried... if she has gone to the trouble to purchase a flogger
hopefully this excites both of you enough to make love after...

PEGGED :) First time ever :)

We had a fabulous time making love nine days ago.....
The time was late in the afternoon, while we are fresh and relaxed, as we are retired. Cindy first took a bath, and I put on a pair of white lacy panties, and waited for her in the bedroom.

Cindy put on a bright orange baby doll lingerie  (This is one of the hot lingerie (baby doll) that is actually a really short nightgown that flirts at the top of the hip. It begins with a clasp or a knot at the bust, and the rest of it floats away from the body, with matching thong.)
Cindy joined me on the bed, and we kissed passionately for a while, before moving onwards to kissing different parts of each others body. We talked erotically, while pleasuring each other... Cindy played with my nipples, which I am beginning to find a little  pleasurable. While licking and kissing and sucking Cindy's breasts and nipples, Cindy suggested that maybe she should just get the strap-on and wear it a little while we are fondling, to get a little more used to it. I readily agreed.

Cindy went into our closet to retrieve it, and I helped her put it on. She enjoyed wagging it around swaying her hips...

We cuddled standing up, and Cindy decided playfully to see whose was bigger, hers or mine. She stated they were about equal in length, whereas i believe mine is longer, but she readily agreed that mine is much bigger in width and girth.
I went on my knees to suck it a little, but Cindy almost immediately said that does nothing for me, and I stopped. We kissed and cuddled with her cock rubbing against mine. Cindy suggested maybe we should play pretending to put my cock in. i countered where maybe she could put it in just a little,
so we got the lube out, and lubed up her cock.

I then laid on my back on the bed, and she went on her knees in front of me. A few attempts of probing, before Cindy said this position is not working, as she couldn't find the entrance with any accuracy and stability.

We then kissed a bit more, and I went on my knees, as she moved behind me on her knees. She stated that I should put my head down, which helped elevate my bottom for her.

Cindy was extremely tentative, pressing very gently with her cock into me. She was exploring, and I was enjoying it. She then asked if she should put it in, and I said yes if she was comfortable enough to do it. Slowly, the head went in just a little, and sort of stay ed there. she then pushed a little, with no movement of the cock, and then a little stronger and the head slipped in, soon to be followed by the majority of the length of her cock.
We then stayed still, adjusting mentally and physically  to the fact that her cock was inside me...
Cindy then started moving back and forth rocking a bit, as the cock went in and out (not actually out,, just less in) deeper. I have no idea of how long this happened, but after a little while Cindy stated: "but your  erection is disappearing.... " . I responded immediately that it will come back soon... and we continued for a minute or two...

We then stopped, and I started kissing and fondling her as she took the cock off. She then laid down, and I pleasured her orally. When she was about to climax, I stopped, and had her climb on top of my
face as shown in the picture, and shortly thereafter she had a fantastically, shouting, fabulous orgasm.
I was rock hard, and Cindy climbed on board for a fabulous ride for both of us, which lasted much longer, and ended in one of my best orgasms. All are great, but this was outstanding.

Backup Boogie  Erotic Instructions:

From Cosmopolitan: Your partner lies on his back, his legs straight out in front of him, a pillow under his head so he can watch the action. You straddle him with your head facing his feet. With your hands on the floor for support, you back up onto his penis. He holds your upper thighs or butt tightly while you thrust. We have changed this such that Cindy is lying down, and we sort of pull and push each other rocking in and out.
Carnal Challenge
Why You'll Love It:
You pick the angle and speed of the thrusting, so there’s plenty of opportunity to experiment and find your inside hot spot. Get a rhythm down — circle for a few times before you take an unexpected plunge. It gives you maximum control for an intense orgasm, but your guy gets to savor every sensation without working up much of a sweat. And he’ll love the total visual and tactile access to your backside.

We both hugged each other while lying on the bed, amazed how outstanding our orgasms were. Pegging had been a fabulous add-on to the experience of maknig love, with no spanking whatsoever in the mix.

Will we do it again?

But something nice to ramp up the lovemaking by introducing something different.

We recommend it to any couple that wants to try something different.

keeping order in the kitchen

Whenever a problem develops, or a little tiff, Cindy has learned to immediately solve the problem.
A simple take your pants down is the start to the solution to the disagreement.
She may use her hand
but so many different implements abound in the kitchen.
A wooden spoon
 can work wonders on changing your opinion
 simply taking off her belt, knowing that it is about to be used on you
 and a wicked smile..
can frighten the toughest of recipients... she might even keep a paddle in the kitchen for immmediate use...
 Remeber though, the wman could also be the recipient of the spanking
bottoms up

olderoticart tumblr

if you are nostalgic at times
for some cartoon artwork
from your youth...
I may have posted a few of these quite a while ago
but you may have forgotten already also
 The nice thing is that the women are not strongly protesting
they and we think that this is totally acceptable for  person to be spanked
and the woman are also very attractively drawn

and the reasons for the spankings are minor
so enjoy the stroll
down memory lane

 and imagine yourself
 as the spanker
you will find plenty of spanking related art work

Many other types of erotic art exists also on this site
I will post a few more some other day
bottoms up