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husband well spanked and loved

Keeping track of spankings and reporting for people's enjoyment  gets sometimes difficult.
Two or three days ago , I said something at breakfast that resulted in Cindy having me stand up, bare my bottom, and bend over for a quick spanking with the wooden food stirrer.  This definitely reminds one to be fully awake at the breakfast table, or suffer the consequences.
Yesterday, we had a little discussion in the car while driving downtown, where I suggested we could have fun when we returned home with maybe some spanking, or pegging, or using Cindy's vibrator, or whatever she desired.

The title of the post lets you know what happened. After Cindy had bathed and put on sexy lingerie, and myself wearing panties, Cindy came and snuggled and made out for a while on the sofa. Then, it was off to the bedroom, where Cindy promptly sat on the spanking chair, and requested I retrieve something that is leather.

I retrieved the heart shaped metal studded paddle, and the 5 finger leather paddle. Cindy had be turn around standing, lowered my panties, and had me bend over as she spanked hard and strong on my bottom. This is a position we have not used before, and Cindy concentrated on the top half of my bottom, staying in one place until my squirming and owwing and trying to raise up a bit on my  toes to give a slightly different place for the spanks demonstrated how effective her spanks were being received. It is a momentary relief for a couple of spanks on the other cheek, but you are aware that the same fire is being kindled with the same wonderful (?) attention.
My position was something akin to the above photo, but Cindy seated, so she used an overhead spanking downward stroke that took your breathe away, and breathed fire.

Then cheek to cheek then lower, then the top of the back of the legs, with me yelping with each spank. Cindy stopped, and as I was thanking her, she simply patted her lap, meaning get over my knees.

Many more spanks with the heart shaped paddle, with dancing feet and musical accompaniment, and then a pause, but only for Cindy to change implements, and whale away with the finger leather strap.

A well spanked husband was finally permitted to stand up, and I thanked Cindy for the spanking. dropped to my knees, and proceeded to orally pleasure her, before we moved to the bed to have a fabulous sexual encounter of mutual licking, sucking, .caressing and ...
What a wonderful time we had. Absolutely no need to be a punishment  spanking, simply a spanking that still has my bottom sore a day later, and a absolutely fun experience for both of us.

Spanking and sex... equals a wonderful time