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cornertime re-visited

a comment that was posted by Micheal of disciplined behavior that I meant to share as it's own post... This would be the link, but the comment is copied below...

Corner time is very effective in controlling a DD partner.In our house it is used in two ways.

When I have been told to set out the punishment instruments for a discipline session at a specific time on a future date, then I know that I should wait in the corner at the appointed time.In this case I am in a T shirt and pants and I have to put myself in the corner of the room with my hands on my head and just wait. I have often been left waiting like this for over an hour whilst I could hear my partner moving around downstairs.The wait can be both pleasurable and agonizing. A twist on this procedure is when my partner arrives in the room and tells me to pack away the instruments because there will be no spanking or caning and that is the end of the punishment. This can be very frustrating for someone who is expecting to receive a hard thrashing.

At other times I might find myself ordered to the corner. This could be when I have said something out of turn or downright disrespectful to my partner. I remember one occasion during a wedding reception in a hotel where we had taken overnight accommodation.I had had one or two drinks more than I should and I was showing off at our table. My wife came over to me and whispered in my ear "corner time,bedroom,naked,now!".

I left the table immediately and went to our room. After nearly half an hour waiting my wife came to the room and pulled me over her knees. She spanked my bottom hard with a brush until I was struggling to get off. When she left the room she gave me two minutes to sort myself out and then rejoin the party.
I was on my best behavior for the rest of the evening. It transpired that my partner had told the other guests that I had a work problem and that I was away on the telephone.

Had they known the truth I am sure that one or two of the women at the reception would have applauded my partner's control over me. I certainly enjoyed the dancing later on when she was up close and personal, with her hand on my bottom, asking me if I was still sore.

Michael  http://disciplinedbehaviour.blogspot.com
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We occasionally use cornertime, and it is effective in establishing the mood of a dosciplinary spanking.