another tumblr spanking site

I always enjoy finding new tumblr sites devoted to spanking, and have a number that I intend to publicize eventually.
 However, every reader can simply click on the link of any picture they like on the tumblr,
and be taken to another spanking site.
The site has exited for 8 months, so archive would serve you well.  One nice feature is that this site also shows larger bottomed women, which is unusual, but nice to see.

so enjoy (these photos are from the site)

women waiting to spank you alternate version

Thought I would throw a curve at you today, because opening day for baseball when this was written was only 83 days away.

I came across an interesting tumblr site, with women that have far better abs than I ever had, or could ever imagine.
There are no photos in the site of spanking, but
let your imagination wander to what would happen if they did
and what would happen to your bottom....
so behave.......and be thankful it is just a little hand spanking and pinch
or your partner might decide from a variety of options
 wood is always a firm solution
but if your spanking occurs outdoors, birch is always an option
or even a thoughtful partner who brings a strap with her

eroticism and pegging

Sensual pegging sites do exist
I found this gif on the above site, and the gif looks like the person is really having fun. The tumblr began in May 2012 and seems to be adding more pictures frequently. 

APOLOGIES: The next gif I found on a site about pegging, so I simply dragged and dropped it onto this post. I was NOT AWARE that it contained  a link to a site that I had ever seen before. Live and let live is my motto, but the link was not something I publicize on this blog, nor do I visit. I am not going to go check all previous gifs I have posted, but be aware that clicking a gif from before today could take you to unexpected sites Also, surprise of surprises,this is the first time a gif that I stored to my computer actually uploaded and works.

All photos have nothing to do with BDSM, just pegging sensually.
 What I like in many of the photos is that sex is being initiated by the woman, in a playful manner.

Many times I am surprised by Cindy telling me to bare my bottom and bend over the counter to be spanked, unaware that I had done something that displeases her.
That fantasy has been lived many many times, and will re-occur for a long time
The idea of seeing that she is wearing a strap-on sort of "out of the blue" in that I had not been thinking about it,
really is another fantasy I hope will occur.  "oh my look what i have here"
I am certain we will do a lot of talking the first time
but if and when it is successful, (wonderful eye contact in this photo)
then future occurrences can delve into the fantasy world
so, let the fun begin
no one is looking
 bottoms up

Guaranteed weight loss

This plan definitely works, but it is only temporary.

The method: Scales were mounted inside commercial and residential elevators allowing riders to test this fact

Now, don't get too upset
 At least I thought it was amusing

hot new photos: site to visit

You will probably see this photo on a lot of tumblr sites very soon, and many spanking blogs. You may have already seen it.
I found it on 

The original site for this picture is
This photo is also excellent, implying that your excuse is being listened to, but not for much longer, as the cane is already visible and waiting to be used. Your  attempts to lessen your number of strokes may actually be increasing the number of strokes, as patience and belief in what you are stating seems to be waning rapidly
Glowing hot has many pages of spanking photos, 123 at the moment, and it only stated 3 weeks or so ago. This unique use of the carpet beater is quite excellent.
Don’t stop!
It also has photos of spanking implements, and one I really like is the jokari paddle that I had once heard about. 

So now that she  has your extreme ATTENTION 
go have a visit to both sites

No dilemma whatsoever CORRECTION

Today's pictures might give you a dilemma
This woman is well dressed, and is looking you straight in the eye, and displaying a striking motion with her paddle..
You are definitely going to be well spanked, as she had taken off her skirt not to damage it, and seated in the CLASSIC spanking position, and also has a nice fluffy slipper for her use...
 So, explain why she is facing the wall, bare bottomed, and holding the slipper.
The answer is simple: 
"The person who requests me in this outfit is a bottom worshipper, hence why i have no bottoms on. " "He gets punished as well as worshipping my bottom (kissing it!) "
Once again, Miss Jessica has changed her top and socks, and is waiting to give you your next spanking!!!!

new readers always welcomed

It is always nice to have new readers, and specially if they send a information about their situation. Plus, comments are wonderful, whenever anyone chooses to write.

so here is what Archedone wrote:
I came across your site about a week ago.  I love it. I've posted a few comments in different areas and love the comments you get from others.  I also am a spanked husband, I also wear silk panties ( made for men ) and my spanking usually leads to sex. I would say I get erotic spanking even though my bottom is very red and sore after, and usually has a few welts from the whip she uses.
I don't get much OTK, I'm usually bent over the spanking bench I made for her or bent over the end of the bed or other object. 
She loves to spank me in different positions and we have a nice assortment of implements for her to carry out the spanking.  
We have the whip I mentioned, a belt, strop, paddle, wooden spoon, rod.  She also loves to take pictures of my bottom during and after spanking, so she can show me my well spanked bottom after.