keeping you limber

Here is your smile for the day..... you should refer to this everyone morning,so you do not get whiplash when you go out in the morning....
so here are your neck exercises for the morning

 but some times, it is just your lucky day
 However, your wife might decide she needs to exercise her arm, and her authority..
(The next photo comes from I thank  Miss Sarah for her permission to use this photo.)
and she will eventually be happy as she sees how red your bottom is, and how well you dance while she spanks
smile, and then bottoms up

so many to spank so little time

Today's post brings us into the fantasy land of every male who would like to spank a woman's bottom
Could this woman be smiling hoping he has the nerve to spank both of them...
  whereas these three women are ready... but with differing opinions 9one smiling, one scrowling, and one interested to see what happens
You are out for a walk, when a butt dare stares you in the face....
or was it in thehose where these six nice ladies are set for your delight
These ladies have been left outside, and are wanting to watch the spankings, before it is their turn
 but make certain this is just a school girl fantasy being acted out, as Japanese sites are prone to do, and not the real thing.
so whether it is one
 or many
do have fun in your dreams

pegging gives a new idea in photography

This phenomena may simply be a new ploy by website to gather more business, by showing what might be a new type of photos.
What is this new type:
Women taking photos of themselves wearing a strap-on....
 In all likelihood they are models
 but it does take flashing to a new level
 and possibly then sending a sex message to their partner
the mind reels
 but is happy
so  enjoy pegging thoughts


 Matriarche was a fun tumblr that has unfortunately disappeared. I last saw it a year ago, and never got to post about it.
I SAW YOU FLIRTING with that young woman...
Get in there... My bridge club wants a few words with you
Now, first, on your knees and apologize
My partner will have a few  points to make on your bottom..
 as will one of my opponents with her paddle
 but her partner prefers to use the cane
as will a few other ladies present today

 bottoms up

the fun before showtime

I always find baring the bottom to be stimulating......
and personally the view of a woman's bottom about to be spanked is delicious
The power exchange of being bared, knowing that the show is about to occur, of your bare bottom gyrating and dancing to the beat
with the possibility of your musical talents of owwing to fill the air
The delight that the orchestra leader displays just before the commencement of activities
The hush that falls over the audience
When it is a man's bottom being bared by a woman
it is easy to imagine yourself in the position of the male
so enjoy the baring

bad beer

I don't care what kind of beer it is, it ain't gonna taste the same served this way!!It gives a whole new meaning to getting pissed....

Caption Monday

Thought you might enjoy some of these
 resulted the next day in....
first the hand
and then the paddle
then admire your handiwork
 This is NOT true about my Cindy, but I found it amusing!

The situational wish of many men

Many men wish they were in a relationship that had their partner spanking them.

So, here are some women that are happily waiting to start spanking you
The following lady is thrilled with her power and your submission to it...

time is up, come here now