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another day, more spankings (Saturday)

We have a potentially difficult situation occurring, and although Cindy agrees that I have a right to my opinion, she is very cautious about how I handle what I say.

Thus, this morning, she came into the room where I was on the computer, and stated that she had time to give me a quick spanking. FOLLOW ME!

We went into the bedroom, where she explained why I would be spanked, and on her own retrieved one of my leather belts... (note to self: purchase less wide belts)

Bare bottomed, kneeling on the bed, Cindy applied the belt with full arm swings, while lecturing that I should be very careful and respectful during the conversation later today. I readily agreed.

 Cindy simply spanked for a while, and maybe delivered 25 or more spanks before she was satisfied with the look of my bottom (bright red and the red covering most of my bottom), and my replies. Cindy then applied a few extra to make certain I understood, some of which were just to the closest  cheek , that were extremely effective.
She hung my belt back in the closet, on a separate hanger, and said that this is a convenient place to keep this belt. It is a well worn leather, so wraps wonderfully well around your bottom.

Later that same morning: I came in to the bedroom, about to take a shower, when Cindy stated: " Are you ready for your next spanking?"

What???? I said quietly to myself.
To Cindy, I quietly stated that:" you have already spanked me?

"Yes, but I am going to spank you again. Do you want the spanking before or after your shower?"

I decided after, as it would postpone the spanking a little, and I would have shaken all the cobwebs out of my system.

I showered, and Cindy was waiting patiently in the bedroom when I returned.

Cindy usually directs me to retrieve an implement, but this time, like earlier today, she went into our spanking implement bag and retrieved her trusty metal studded heart shaped paddle.

"Lie on the bed"

Yes dear.

Cindy then proceeded to really spank my bottom long and hard, with the result of my feet kicking up a storm, and my owwing loudly. The following picture is appropriate, except our bed is higher, and thus my feet were not on the ground, and free to dance, rapidly
Cindy paused after 20 or more spanks (My mind had no time to try to count to dissipate the intensity of the spanks), to make certain I was breathing without holding my breathe, then informed me of what she expected when family arrived, then continued spanking hard and swiftly. She also was raining down the spanks, by raising her arm high and in reality giving me a thorough thrashing.
This next photo shows the up and down swings that were rapidly scorching my bottom.
Another pause, where I was able to promise good behavior, polite discussion, and for me to realize that how I was positioned on the bed had Cindy spanking the upper and middle parts of my bottom. The upper is rarely spanked, so the impact of the spanks was even more effective.
One last round of spanks, followed by three words to remember, each punctuated by a strong spank, and I was permitted to rise. While lying on the bed, I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and promised to be good.

We took a picture of my beet red bottom, which I may include in this post.
It is just past noon, and our guests will be arriving soon.....

Who knows what may follow later..
Addendum: the meeting and discussion was excellent, but my bottom is still sore putting the finishing touches on this post