views for a spanker

Keeping up my tradition (okay, so I am just starting a tradition), I thought a little posting of how wonderful it is for a man to spank a woman.
She might be being cheeky

and enjoying the great outdoors
She might be holding her ankles
or on all fours
She definitely looks delightful with a reddened bottom making your breakfast
But using loopy johnny may deter Ronnie form baring her bottom (thatis- if she has the choice)
After the hand spanking, she waits patiently for you to remove your belt to continue the spanking
 And many a  man's fantasy is to have three bottoms to spank at once
Make certain to try and have fun in life
Raise a glass of wine, or maybe your shirts to celebrate Hope we run inyo these ladies while hiking on vacation

APOLOGY: Sailing Sailing: The View of women seated waiting to spank you

Once again, I have posted a photo  that needed to be removed. A person has sent me an email stating that it was a doctored picture of someone they know. 

I apologize for having posted that image, which I found on some tumblr site....  I know not where.

I fervently wish that people post to tumblr and other sites photos that have not been doctored, and which they know involve participants that agreed to have the photo published.
The specials are just to good to be true, so this blog will be taking a break for a while. I have built up a few posts, but no time to provide one a day as is my usual joy.

So today... photos of the view of your forthcoming fate