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the benefits of a sore bottom

I have copied this from a blog entitled Four Red Cheeks, but this blog is now private by invitation only. I have added a couple of words in bold to the posting.

Please note the well thought out use of CBT: Corrective Bottom Treatment/Therapy.
The blogger DG_UK (darling girl living in the UK)

The benefits of a sore bottom

Some of the benefits of a well smacked bottom have long been understood..
the endorphin rush that is created by physical chastisement in particular.
However, I have long been struck by how getting a good spanking just seems to have all manner of therapeutic a reliever of stress, a blower away of cobwebs, a cleanser of the day-to-day crap, a creator of a "clean slate" free of guilt and so on...a girl(or man) who is spanked regularly just seems to be happier and lighter in her (his) life.

I wonder what medical science has to say about all this? And whether spanking should not be offered on the NHS as a cure-all for the nation's collective neuroses?:)

One other thing that a smacked bottom gives me, is the sensation of being cared for, and that I can admit that I get things wrong, I make mistakes, but that I can ask for support and help and guidance, and not be seen as weak, far from it.

I remember you saying once, darling, that I needed CBT..Corrective Bottom Treatment/Therapy. I know I need that regularly.
anon wrote: Corrective Bottom Treatment is used in our marriage. Both my wife and I have used spanking to clear the air quickly. properly administered a hairbrush can quickly convince the recipient not to repeat the misdoing.

********* very briefly: My thoughts:

The benefits for a relationship in solving problems by spanking, certainly far outweigh the soreness when your bottom is being spanked. This is easy to say while I am seated at a keyboard, and reasonably easy to say a few minutes or hours after the spanking. However, during the spanking, I many times wonder why I ever requested that Cindy spank me whenever she feels it will benefit our relationship.

However, this can only work if both partners accept this as a problem solving manner. The problem has been addressed, a spanking has been given, and unless the problem re-surfaces, then it should not be mentioned again as a problem. This can be a totally one way street, where only one is ever spanked, it does not need both people being spanked.

Last thought for a relationship: hopefully the SPANKER can learn to enjoy this problem solving method.

Personally, I always love photos of women smiling while they are spanking a man, and have now added smiling photos only of pegging situations.

pegging with a smile

Well, since we have experienced pegging, we have also made love, without spanking. MAking love is wonderful, whether after spanking, or on it's own.
 We try to say exciting things at times while making love, and besides my saying how I appreciate being spanking by Cindy, and spanking Cindy when the opportunity or behavior warrants a spanking.
Cindy responded that she had enjoyed pegging, and wearing the cock.... WOW!!!
I can imagine we will try again in the near future (like in a month or so)
In  the mean time, you might like to visit the following site, which is the Best I have yet to find...

enjoy life, in all it's varieties

peggedforafemdom:  Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle ;)

get upstairs

Just a few photos to whet the appetite

follow me

or is it simply follow me

Whatever the method, the outcome is a foregone certainty...

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