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Erections: The reality of many F/M spanking relationships

We use spanking as discipline sometimes, but many times for sexual simulation and role play.
I like being able to be submissive, as this is definitely not my normal situation.

When we first started spankings, I would become erect immediately when informed  that I would be spanked.

Erections,, even when occurring for a discipline spanking, did not stop the spanking.

Now, many years later, this does not always occur, but usually still does...
When being spanked, the spankings are real, and the erection now fades away....
Cindy sometimes teases me about this before beginning the spanking, stating that it is a shame that your erection  is going to disappear.

 I assure her that it will rapidly return with a little affection.. and it always does...
so enjoy the fact that spanking your husband can lead to fabulous sex...

 and hope his erection remains throughout the spnaking

or can easily be revived

The fickle finger of fate

Pointing has always been impolite, but when the finger is being pointed at you,
or where you should position yourself
you know that the future is going to be very rosy

at least for your bottom