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spanked again(thursday)

Another requested spanking by me, and Cindy acquiesced to my request.

I have a tendency to talk too much, and not listen enough, so hopefully sitting on a chastised bottom might help correct this slowly.

We were going out to visit family, so Cindy had time for a quick spanking. (Quick defined in we had at least ten minutes, and you really do NOT want an implement constantly spanking your bottom that long)

I had taken a hot shower, and as soon as I was out and dried, Cindy was sitting on the spanking chair and I was naked across her lap. I was about to find out how a shower tenderizes the skin, and makes it more receptive to the touch, let alone the bath brush.

I had no sexual reaction to gong over her knee, and the spanking commenced immediately, with solid spanks from the wooden BATH brush, moving first from cheek to cheek, and then remaining spanking one part of one cheek spank after spank.

My bottom was on fire, and my feet were dancing, and I was owwwing. The spanking simply started so soon after the shower, that I did not even have time to start counting the spanks, as the sting and more the pain of each spank focused my attention solely on my bottom.

Cindy used a rhythmic pattern with a quite brisk beat, and simply kept laying it on, non-stop. Some spanks were much harder getting an instant wriggling and owwing and rapid feet dancing reaction. Cindy must have given me more than fifty BATH brush spanks, before she paused. A bath brush compared to a hair brush of the small nature that we have, is the equivalent of driving a Corvette compared to a Ford Focus..... OWWW...
With the small applause, I scooted up a little so the lower part of my bottom was more in the line of fire, than the higher part of my bottom.  Cindy must have seen this because she delivered many harder spanks to the place where my bottom meets my upper thighs, and a very tender spot.

Cindy finally stopped, and I thanked her immediately thanked her for spanking me. I was permitted to look in the mirror, and a huge patch of both cheeks was red, with a gray portion in the middle of the red on each cheek.

However, their was quite a white part on both sides of the cheeks, and the top third of my bottom. Cindy stated that their is not enough padding to spank there, and I replied that with leather you could spank there, but never wood.   The most foolish words I have ever stated.

I retrieved the leather metal studded heart shaped paddle, and went face down on the bed to present my bottom at the edge of the bed. Cindy started spanking hard with the paddle, that gave glancing terrifically painful spanks to virgin unspanked areas. Cindy had given four or five by raising and lowering her arm with great speed, before I had caught my breath enough from the shock of the intensity to start howling and bouncing around, moving my bottom drastically. The result of this is that spanks ended higher and further on each side of white skin, which must have been red instantly.
After maybe fifteen spanks, Cindy stopped and made certain that I was breathing and not holding my breath, and then started again. Ten spanks or more with me either screeching or howling (way beyond my OWWWWS) and a pause to again tell me to breathe, followed by one more set and Cindy stopped.

My bottom has never been more on fire than this, and Cindy was quite upset that I had been in such pain. This part of the spanking had probably only been a minute and a half or two, but WOW!!! I thanked Cindy, we talked a little, and then I looked in the mirror to see fire engine red marks covering my entire top part of my bottom, and on one side of the cheek. Spanking from one side had only doubled the amount of spanks to one cheek, but significantly attacked virgin skin on the far cheek from her. We cuddled, I dressed, then we left to visit family.

I looked in a mirror three hours later, and my bottom was still reddish, and a few parts extremely red.

Hopefully I will learn to listen more, talk less.