Another fun day

I always wonder what I do wrong, but have found a method to circumvent the problem.
The problem... To get a gif to work on  my blog.
I find a gif on another site, and right click to save it. I save it as a gif file.
When I try to upload it to blogger, it is only a stationary picture


Thus, my method is leave it open in one window, open a new window that has blogger open with a new post, sand then drag and drop it onto the post.

If the above gif is working, then all is well.

yes dear

The Paddled Bottom

Another tumblr site, that has oodles of spanked bottoms, both male and female, can be found by clicking:

To be fair,wooden paddles can be very dangerous if overused.
 Bone is not EVER to be hit by wood, or by anything that does not have some give in it.
CARE IS NEEDED, and CONTROL of the implement by the spanker.
 A slight pause is needed for her to regain her position for the next spank
Also, positioning is KEY.  Note that these photos show great positioning.
Spanking the fleshiest parts of a bottom is perfect, but do not wander onto bone! Be specially careful never to strike the tailbone.l
We do not believe in bruising, or blood on a spanked bottom, but you will see plenty of that on this tumblr.
But you will also see very ominous spanking implements held by women of all ages,which is fabulous.
You might find the  spankee sways a bit after a strong stroke... ogh well such is life
Be certain they are back in position and stationary to receive the next spank.
However, this position is very poor, as it is easy to actually only end up spanking with the end of the implement, being many inches of solid wood, not the flat side of the paddle.
The site has 60 pages when I wrote this, and was recently advertised on another tumblr that you can find in my tumblr list on the side of the blog... Strict Women...
 are you ready to be spnaked?"

Canadian national anthem

People can be friendly anywhere in the world, and people can have fun

here is a video using empty beer bottles and beer cans to play the Canadian National Anthem

Enjoy!  The name of the beer is aptly CANADIAN.

Do You think this is appropriate for a spanking blog...

Okay, let me have a go at his bottom now...
and later that day
 and that night..
 IS everyone satisfied with spanking pictures and thought besides humor...
now the ladies have been entertained

One talented woman's BOTTOM...

Here is a little video of a very talented very talented bottom

This is much more fun than a robot woman's bottom to spank that Hermione posted. .

Imagine the fun of her reactions to a spanking... both before
and after

spanked as foreplay

As many readers may know, we sometimes use spanking for disciplinary reasons, but more often than not use spanking as a part of foreplay.

Being retired, sex in the afternoon is really a lot of fun, when we are both refreshed and not in any way tired.

Yesterday had Cindy taking a bath, and then we cuddled and fondled. Cindy after a few minutes, stated she would like me to get her something leather to use to spank me.

I retrieved the leather metal studded heart shaped paddle, and a five finger leather strap.
Cindy sometimes jokingly complains that my erection is going to disappear, and has a little kissing and sucking first, much to our mutual delight.
Cindy then patted her lap, and I took of f my pants and panties that I had put on earlier, knowing we were going to have some fun in the afternoon. . She then proceeded to use the heart shaped paddle with enthusiasm. In addition, to always keep me guessing, she only spanked one cheek for about twenty spanks, before moving to the other cheek. I was getting worried as the effectiveness  was becoming intense... and seeming that it was not going to stop.
You might have guessed, but now the other cheek got the exact same one-sided attention. Makes me wonder if Cindy has looked at my blog lately, specifically a posting about a one cheek spanking.
Fortunately, Cindy then switched to alternating cheeks for the next many spanks. When she stopped, she stated what I nice pink and rosy blush I had on my bottom. I am glad she likes to see both cheeks equally colored.
She then started with gusto using the leather fingered hand strap, and it was stinging with every spank, and certainly getting a reaction from me that Cindy enjoyed. This continued for quite a number of spanks, and I am reasonably certain my feet were dancing, and some bum clenching to unconsciously try to lessen the target.

Having gone a long while without any spanking, except for one a week ago, it has probably been  two months with only one spanking. Your bottom can really soften up, and any spanking is very effective.

ASIDE: the advantage of using two different implements is that they give entirely different feels while being spanked. The leather heart shaped metal studded really thudded in, and the tip did a dance on the far side of my bottom. A day later the marks from the tip were still there.  The finger strap was a very intense sting! Both entirely different than a wooden bath brush...

We then proceeded to make love, and my penis sprang back to life after cowering away during the spanking. We both had absolutely fabulous orgasms, and cuddled afterwards. That evening,w e went out for dinner, and had a great meal as an afterglow for a fabulous afternoon.

why men need to be spanked!

Men have a sense of humor, that, unfortunately, some women simply do not get...

Let me give you a few examples... we don't believe these, they are just funny...

Example 1: TABLETS

My wife told me to go to the doctors and get some of those tablets that 'help' get an erection.

You should have seen her face when I came back and tossed her some diet pills!

I'm still looking for a place to live.

not smiling, then maybe a little sensitivity treatment is needed for me:
example 2

My wife has been missing a week now. 
The police said to prepare for the worst. 
So, I had to go down to Goodwill to get all of her clothes back.

Any smiles yet...
how about an Irish joke...
Mick walks into Paddy's barn and catches him dancing naked and playing with himself in front of a tractor. Mick says, "Jaysus Paddy, what in hell d’yis t’ink yer doing?"
> Paddy says, "Well me and Mary haven't been getting on in the bedroom lately and the therapist recommended I do something sexy to attracter....."

 one last try to make you smile... this one you might like

A driver was stuck in a traffic jam on the beltway outside Washington DC.   Nothing was moving.

Suddenly, a man knocks on the window.

The driver rolls down the window and asks, "What's going on?"
"Terrorists have kidnapped Congress, and they're asking for a $100 million dollar ransom.
Otherwise, they are going to douse them all in gasoline and set them on fire. We are going from car to car, collecting donations."

"How much is everyone giving, on average?" the driver asks.
  The man replies, "Roughly a gallon."

PADDLES: waiting to spank you

A collection of some very attractive women, and frightening paddles
She greets you at the door, saying she would like to have a few words with you
 or she has just informed you that she will ensure your good behavior before we go to the party...
 She is looking forward to see you dancing, and happy to solve your grumpy mood
 you skipped your last appointment for your court ordered education, so now you will atone for those sins
 It is definitely time to correct your attitude
 my, that bottom is so white, I think it is about to become crimson red
I doubt you will worry that this paddle is too big for me to use, rather you will find out it is too big for your tolerance levels and the tears shall flow...
and just so you should know before I begin
remember not to move, but your arms will be frantic

play spanking and real spanking

Well, a couple of days ago (Friday to be exact), we had an afternoon nooner sot o speak. Cindy took a bath, I put on some sexy panties, and soon after the bath we were caressing...  Cindy decided to have a little spanking, so over the knee I went for a hand spanking, that brought a little pink to my bottom. I do not know about you, but hand spankings are now only erotic, as the hand is not as mighty as a bottom that has been spanked many times with other implements.

After the play spanking, more caressing lead to fun kinky stuff  as we made love. Cindy tied my hands behind my back and the orally had exquisite fun for both of us with my cock.

After a while, we moved to the bed, and Cindy tied my hands, one to each night-table, and then brought her crotch over my eager lips and tongue, which lead to a fabulous orgasm for her.
Cindy then moved to engulf my cock with her cunt, and we had an amazing orgasmic ride.....

Later in the day, we were going to go to a movie and dinner with friends. They can be nice, and sometimes very tiresome.... I requested a spanking before ewe left, and bent over bare bottomed for the bath brush.

Cindy did four smacks, and said okay. I reminded her that we were driving to the theater (over 30 minutes each way), then dinner, then a drive home.

Cindy said right, I bent over again, and she used the bath brush extremely effectively. Many spanks to one cheek, then many spanks to the other, and then alternating as I was bouncing on the spot and wishing I had never spoken up about the evening. One spank landing high on almost solely bone stopped the spanking.

My bottom was quite hot for the evening, and maybe the spanking was even more effective because of the sexual energy expended two hours before.;

We happen to be fans of Woody Allen, and this movie "To Rome with Love" is only for people who enjoy Woody Allen films. His Midnight in Paris was excellent.
The evening and dinner was a success , so spanking before going was a definite hit (ouch!!!)