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play spanking and real spanking

Well, a couple of days ago (Friday to be exact), we had an afternoon nooner sot o speak. Cindy took a bath, I put on some sexy panties, and soon after the bath we were caressing...  Cindy decided to have a little spanking, so over the knee I went for a hand spanking, that brought a little pink to my bottom. I do not know about you, but hand spankings are now only erotic, as the hand is not as mighty as a bottom that has been spanked many times with other implements.

After the play spanking, more caressing lead to fun kinky stuff  as we made love. Cindy tied my hands behind my back and the orally had exquisite fun for both of us with my cock.

After a while, we moved to the bed, and Cindy tied my hands, one to each night-table, and then brought her crotch over my eager lips and tongue, which lead to a fabulous orgasm for her.
Cindy then moved to engulf my cock with her cunt, and we had an amazing orgasmic ride.....

Later in the day, we were going to go to a movie and dinner with friends. They can be nice, and sometimes very tiresome.... I requested a spanking before ewe left, and bent over bare bottomed for the bath brush.

Cindy did four smacks, and said okay. I reminded her that we were driving to the theater (over 30 minutes each way), then dinner, then a drive home.

Cindy said right, I bent over again, and she used the bath brush extremely effectively. Many spanks to one cheek, then many spanks to the other, and then alternating as I was bouncing on the spot and wishing I had never spoken up about the evening. One spank landing high on almost solely bone stopped the spanking.

My bottom was quite hot for the evening, and maybe the spanking was even more effective because of the sexual energy expended two hours before.;

We happen to be fans of Woody Allen, and this movie "To Rome with Love" is only for people who enjoy Woody Allen films. His Midnight in Paris was excellent.
The evening and dinner was a success , so spanking before going was a definite hit (ouch!!!)