Consensual spanking day tomorrow August 8

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it is rapidly approaching that annual event where we want to see how many of you can either spank or be spanked by someone all on the same day.

 Talk to your partner,
and then be certain to follow through 
or if alone do it yourself,
and  we will have a poll for you to vote on as to whether you participated in a spanking on the 8th, or you didn't.

Do not be shy.
 If you are normally spanked, ASK your partner to plan to spank you tomorrow.
Sometimes logistics might be needed so the kids are out of the house.
Remember, it only takes a minute or three of fast paced hard spanks on your bottom, or that of your partner's bottom, for an effective spanking to be given OTK.
No preliminaries, no lecture, simply bare that bottom and start smacking it.
Plan on beckoning your partner to you for a reckoning of faults, or simply for the fun of spanking him or her.
Extra points if you spank more than one bottom,
or are spanked by more than one person
on your marks,
get set
start spanking..
bottoms up