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I get involved in things, and never seem to finish or even start some posts that I had great intentions to do. So here goes. One I meant to do a long time ago, and nvever quite got to it.

A site worth visiting is a friend that I drop by now and then, and yet rarely leave a comment.That just goes to prove I am one alike with many of my readers, who fail to leave comments.

The funniest coincidence I have found: I started this posting today, thought I would look at his blog to send people to an interesting item, and lo and behold today had a link to my blog. (This is being written on August 4th, but won't be posted until tomorrow)

Perfectdt is an Englishman, who craves spankings and enjoys historical interests.
The blog: little of this that and the other, mostly about spanking, BDSM, kinky stuff and sometimes, something completely different. Most of the time I try to keep it light hearted, there are enough downers in the world.

He has the British sense of humor (humour) that I enjoy, and does not take life too seriously.
In many ways he is just like I think myself to be.

"Don’t get your knickers in a knot
Nothing is solved and it just makes you walk funny"

So go to be entertained, enjoy his British sense of humor (humour), massive amount of links to other spanking blogs that you probably have not encountered previously, and keep on having fun with spanking.