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sex and spanking: afternoon delights

Being retired has many rewards, giving more opportunities for TTWD.

Being retired, with a decent pension (very fortunate), leads to many adventures. Travel is one of our great adventures. TTWD is another.

Yesterday, we exchanged glances, and one thing lead to another, and it was off to the bedroom for a romp. After kissing and cuddling, Cindy decided a spanking should be in order.

She went and sat on the spanking chair, and I went and got the hair brush.
Bare bottom, over her knees, she made every spank extremely effective. Each one packed a wallop, without any warm-up having occurred.
The spanks landed on the same two spots almost entirely, and after about twenty slow HARD spanks, my sit spot was on fire.
Permitted to look in the mirror, it was a gray ashen color surrounded by a marginal area of red, on each cheek.

Cindy had by then put the hairbrush aside, and passionate love making occurred, with a fabulous orgasm for each of us.

What a pleasant interlude in the middle of the day. (Something for people to look forward to when they retire, if they keep the love alive!)

Later that night, my bottom had a bright red spot on each cheek, and was sore the rest of the day, and I still feel it the day after.

Happy spankings to everyone