views of a F/M Spanking

A couple of days ago, I posted the view that a male has when about to spank a woman.
 Today's is the view a woman has when about to  or actually spanking a male.
 a belt is handy and usually available o his pants
 but a wooden kitchen implement is always nearby
 Will she have him on all fours...
Will he be over the knee, but resting on the sofa
Will his untanned bottom now be tanned bright RED
 Does the hand work better
 or the brush in the kitchen
 at thoe office a little warm-up to get his attention
or straight out of the shower where the sting wil be unbearable
 If he moves too much, a leg lock will keep him in place

A job well done should be admired

The fickle, FINGER of FATE

Now,can you guess your fate: she is wondering
 Pleading does not seem to be working..
seems like she has decided, since has has seated herself for an otk session for you
 definitely your goose is cooked, because your feet are already dancing from her hand, and she has yet to start using the significantly sturdy wooden brush
omg, she now has the brush
Happy Spankings

short spankings

Spankings can be an effective stress relief to remove frustration. Cindy has had me bare my bottom for a number of short sharp spanks with a hair brush or a wooden spatula in the kitchen..
They are extremely helpful in defusing small annoyances.

Last night, Cindy was beside herself with stress about our upcoming vacation, and had even made a list of things that must be done before leaving. Many were done extremely quickly, which smoehow added to her anxiety. I offered her a spanking, and   she reluctantly accepted while we were in bed about to go to sleep.
I enjoyed myself tremendously, and slowly gave about 12 sharp spanks, that reddened her bottom quite nicely. I talked about how we have time (bad idea), so adopted the tact of we will work at it tomorrow, and kept a slow spanking going.

When Cindy felt she had enough, she stated I should stop. I did. We cuddled, I offered sexual release, but she chose to rollover and go to sleep.
Today has been much better, and all is well.

Spankings work

views for a spanker

Keeping up my tradition (okay, so I am just starting a tradition), I thought a little posting of how wonderful it is for a man to spank a woman.
She might be being cheeky

and enjoying the great outdoors
She might be holding her ankles
or on all fours
She definitely looks delightful with a reddened bottom making your breakfast
But using loopy johnny may deter Ronnie form baring her bottom (thatis- if she has the choice)
After the hand spanking, she waits patiently for you to remove your belt to continue the spanking
 And many a  man's fantasy is to have three bottoms to spank at once
Make certain to try and have fun in life
Raise a glass of wine, or maybe your shirts to celebrate Hope we run inyo these ladies while hiking on vacation

APOLOGY: Sailing Sailing: The View of women seated waiting to spank you

Once again, I have posted a photo  that needed to be removed. A person has sent me an email stating that it was a doctored picture of someone they know. 

I apologize for having posted that image, which I found on some tumblr site....  I know not where.

I fervently wish that people post to tumblr and other sites photos that have not been doctored, and which they know involve participants that agreed to have the photo published.
The specials are just to good to be true, so this blog will be taking a break for a while. I have built up a few posts, but no time to provide one a day as is my usual joy.

So today... photos of the view of your forthcoming fate


Getting around to it

A little dash of humor that you could cut out and use.
Do you procrastinate on doing things, and say I will get around to it in the near future?
Procrastinate no more!!!
Thus, I am getting around to posting some photos of women I have not seen before, who are eagerly awaiting the chance to spank you.

They have no intention of using those wooden brushes to fix their hair!


She just is not thinking very much of your reasoning, and is getting quite exasperated with you

Determined, and quite happy about what is about to happen, and to whom it will happen to!

You knew it was going to happen, as soon as she got a round tuit