then and now

Their are so many sites, that an occasional vintage posting is fun....
One that I found a while ago and then lost track of, makes pictures look like they were Polaroids from the past... (if you do not know what a Polaroid camera was... it let you take a picture and automatically developed it for you, so no one else except you and the person photographed would ever see the photo... the advertisements lead you to believe that it was simply so you could see the results immediately ...
Wish we had taken some of these, but although we can make them look from long ago, we simply do not look that young.
Seeing that this is a day we are at a beach.. here ar a few beach photos,to encourage you to visit a nude beach
(We can tellt hat she wears the pants in the family (joke)
 She permits him to be naked (or did she command it)
She decided that baring it all is good for the soul
 and he definitely finds it exciting
 So follow where she leads
 and don't be afraid to break the rules sometimes
and maybe one day we will be on a nude cruise together
We will be pleased to meet you