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short spankings

Spankings can be an effective stress relief to remove frustration. Cindy has had me bare my bottom for a number of short sharp spanks with a hair brush or a wooden spatula in the kitchen..
They are extremely helpful in defusing small annoyances.

Last night, Cindy was beside herself with stress about our upcoming vacation, and had even made a list of things that must be done before leaving. Many were done extremely quickly, which smoehow added to her anxiety. I offered her a spanking, and   she reluctantly accepted while we were in bed about to go to sleep.
I enjoyed myself tremendously, and slowly gave about 12 sharp spanks, that reddened her bottom quite nicely. I talked about how we have time (bad idea), so adopted the tact of we will work at it tomorrow, and kept a slow spanking going.

When Cindy felt she had enough, she stated I should stop. I did. We cuddled, I offered sexual release, but she chose to rollover and go to sleep.
Today has been much better, and all is well.

Spankings work