spanking on vacation

The cruise was wonderful, and a little spanking to spice up the time.

Cabins are not ideal, but then again, they are reasonably soundproof. I have experimented with turning the television up very loud, and then standing outside the cabin with the door closed. I did Not hear the television.
However, sometimes when in the cabin, you hear people talking as they walk by? I really do not have an explanation for this phenomena.

I brought the bath brush in the suitcase, as planning ahead is always a good idea.

We had a late dining seating,s o the spanking was a fun bare bottom over the knee spanking, with a short hand spanking warm-up. The television was loud, but their are occasional silence spots for part of a second, specially as we had music on. Any movie or sports would be distracting...

Cindy had my feet dancing, and when we stopped we made passionate love.

This was not meant to be in caps, but is probably a good idea.  Cindy was very angry one day when we were out for my behavior, and when we were back on board she stated she was really going to give me a REAL spanking.
No ifs, ands, or buts, I was bare bottomed over her knee and the bath brush was crashing down on my bottom. After about eight spanks with my feet starting to moved, I asked if she might pause for a moment. She did, and I explained that we were gong to St. Martin nude beach the next day, and assuredly my bottom would be a raging red, that would be embarrassing for both of us.

She thought about it, and agreed to defer the spanking. I know some readers will believe she should have continued, but we are rather very private people!

It has not yet occurred while we have been home.I will remind her about it tonight, and tell you the follow-up in the future. Who knows, the bath brush above might be the waem-up, witht he cane to follow on an already roasted bottom.