ladies waiting to spank you

Again, another quick post.. I truly enjoy pictures of this nature where the woman is smiling.

with a gleam in the eyes
where the look on her face is captivating, and then you see the hair brush she is holding
 or maybe your boss has called you into the office for a little discussion of your work habits
and when you ask your wife if she is ready to go out, and she replies all ready except one little thing to attend to first...please come here
 with any of these scenarios, the music that is about to be heard will be you yelping, not the piano playing

caption day

So many thoughtful captions are attached to pictures.

Do not argue, it will only be worse for your bottom
and when she enters the room, be certain to respond quickly
These come from a yahoo site that is in my yahoo groups 

So enjoy thinking about
the spanking being promised
or the spanking as a reward for being such a good boy.

f/m spankng photos

Life has been busy, so simply a few photos for your enjoyment
so whether you take the high road when spanking

the usual
or the low road
 whether you just lie there
 or OTK at home

or the office
happy spankings

Belated Happy 4th of July

We have had family visiting,so I am rarely on the computer to post, so scheduled a number of posts in advance.

Thus, no  4th of July greetings UNTIL NOW, but
Maybe I waited to have these photos appear on the Internet
but I will give thanks to the flag and what it stands for EVERY day...
and these photos definitely show the colors in a very attractive setting..
However, my late posting does have consequences
learning is always slow

however, we only spank until there is RED and White, but definitely no blue bruising

quickee thought for the day

The thoughts of the day for a happy relationship and marriage
and it should be obvious that
Unlikely, but this should happen at every wedding ceremony
and if it did not happen, then maybe the marriage counselor will help
 as your wife learns the benefits of being fluent in hair brush language
so don't forget..
apply regularly and often

boys will be boys

A cute selection of photos....
could be titled
  they start young

with an appropriate thought to follow: come here
 bare his bottom
 and wallop it
and yet, when young, this condition may still exist after the spanking

when spanking friends get together

This might be a very nice idea, if you know another spanking couple...
rarely in our age bracket will we see this 
it was possibly more likely it happened in older times (in our dreams)
however, one can always live and hope
so live your dreams
 but remember to dream

as you can see some pictures have a link that you can type and visit their site... I do NOT remove these, and I do NOT receive any compensation if readers visit them...
Once again, if any photo is copyrighted, I will happily remove it