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nylons and laps

Having a little time,
 the look says it all
 you may look at the floor
 while we see the nylons
 I am off on my merry way  from tumblr to tumblr...
 today's entry is nylons and laps,
 because we know that many men adore
  being over a woman's nylon clad knees

So hurry and bare your bottom, as she is getting angrier as each second ticks by..
 You will be spanked on the spot, but are given a choice... bend over her knee looking at the ground
 or do you prefer to bend over still somewhat upright so you can see who the ladies are that are luaghing and encouraging the spanker
 Your bottom is about to match the color of the stockings and shoes
 and the people in the background are about to get free entertainment
 and you are awestruck by how such a beautiful woman can smile so sweetly and deliver such an intense spanking
 A spanking for you dear, before we attend the party
oh well, when I finish this drink I will just have to spank him again, but this time it will be here, at the party
so, if you like the theme.