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SPANKED (well and Truly)

Stress has been a major headache for us for a week now, and we did not handle it well. I am not certain if it is age that makes things more stressful, and I will not go into the details.

The situations causing the stress  have been reasonably handled, and yesterday I asked Cindy to give me a significant spanking, and she was only so very happy to oblige. I explained that she should spank hard, use a number of different implements, in different positions,  and probably do 12 spanks or multiples of twelve for each implement.

I needed to get past the stress, as did she...

Cindy went to take a freshen up bath, and I retrieved

The "old reliable" from the DWC,
a lexan paddle with holes in it,
the heart shaped metal studded leather paddle
and the magnastrap from the dwc (please note the disciplinarywivesclub no longer sells implements)
First it was over the knee for a very long dose of  old reliable.... Cindy used it for twelve spanks in the same spot on one cheek, then moved to the other cheek to repeat the same, followed by many more spanks moving all over my bottom, as I was feet dancing and owwing throughout. I have no idea how many multiples of 12 I received, and doubt that Cindy was even counting. this was as strong as she has ever used old reliable.

I was permitted to stand up, as Cindy reached for the lexan paddle. Bending at the waist, with hands on the chair to support my back,Cindy did at least two multiples of twelve with this paddle, and she really found her rhythm and strength, as my bottom swayed in the breeze and my legs had me squirming, in the false attempt to lessen the sting... Stay still, and then another round with the paddle.
I hope you are learning from this, as Cindy stopped, and exchanged the paddle for the leather heart shaped metal studded paddle. It was decided I should be lying on the bed, with a pillow under my hips to raise my bottom even further.
I have no idea how many multiples of twelve occurred, because neither of us were counting, and Cindy proceeded to blister every inch of my bottom, and the top of my legs. This evil  paddle has a tip, and it repeated landed between my cheeks, thus no part of my bottom was spared.

Cindy then permitted me to rise, and suggested I look in the mirror, as she picked up the last implement. My bottom was fire engine red, with some small bruise marks where the tip of the last paddle had landed too often in the same place. The look of my bottom did not deter Cindy from her mission.

Standing mostly upright, Cindy stated that I should count the strokes, and she really applied twelve strong strokes, even harder than the lexan paddle, and with am implement much more intimidating..
When Cindy stated the spanking was over, I thanked her for the spanking, and hoped that everything was now okay for us... We cuddled and kissed...

and then slowly and lovingly made love, which was fabulous.

This happened over a week ago, and my bottom would be red each day after a shower for two days after, and sore for another day...

Spankings help eliminate stress... but we should use them more often when the first hint of stress occurs...