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write a caption

I just find this picture so amazing, and it can be an explanation of so.. so many conversations

Your mission today, if anyone is interested, is to write a comment about what mother is telling her daughter...

Such as:
Dear, we do not believe in spanking children, and we do not want children to know of our spanking ideas until they are about to be married. The reason your father and I are so loving and compatible is that I spank him whenever he misbehaves. Your future husband is now experiencing the same thing, and is part of the marriage contract he signed. When your older, married sister has finished giving him his first ever spanking, you will then give him another full spanking that he will accept to prove his devotion to you. Do not go lightly in spanking him.. Make certain he is aware of the necessity to avoid as much as possible future spankings.
You will be the mistress of the house, and he will obey you.

Before I was married, your grandmother spanked your father in exactly the same manner... so watch carefully and learn quickly.  It is important for the success of your marriage and future life together.

What is your idea for this photo?