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being pegged

This is not something for everyone, but it is something I and Cindy are enjoying.
If you click on the topic name pegging, you will see many posts of my leading up to being pegged.

Suffice to say that we had already done the deed once, but it was quick, sort of spontaneous from just playing with wearing the strap-on, and practicing lubing at  playing around the backdoor (so to speak) ,when Cindy popped it in a little for a very short amount of time.

This was the real thing that happened this time. I prepared by wearing panties, and Cindy bathed and then put the strap-on on, and after a while of cuddling she put on a piece of my underwear to contain the prick. She quite enjoyed the concept, and wondered how men walk around when they have an erection...

We then caressed and cuddled and went about enhancing our libido towards making love. Cindy was really enjoying the experience, as was I.

Cindy lowered my panties (virginal white lace), and first licked and sucked for a little bit, before slowly lowering my panties, and then removing her underwear. She asked if I was impressed with her black cock, and I said how wonderful it looked.

I helped her lube the cock, and then we first tried the missionary position, but with my legs upright. Slowly, after playing around a little at my backdoor, she slowly entered me a little.

It felt fine, but this would depend on your wanting the activity, or if you were frightened and being taken against your will. Cindy massaged my chest, as she slowly entered.
Suffice to say, she entered fully , and thrusted for awhile with my moaning a little and thoroughly enjoying myself, and then we changed positions with me on my hands and knees for more action.

I did NOT come while we made love pegging, but it was great. We need to experiment with positions and stroking while making love.

We then changed positions, with Cindy removing her cock, and I orally found her wet, and soon after a fabulous orgasm, followed by my entering her, and achieving a fabulous orgasm also.

If you have ever tried anal sex with your wife or girlfriend being the recipient, then you should try this also... You could well enjoy it.

It will remain another little facet in our ever-growing love affair. We have been married for many more years than 30, without giving away exact details.

Experiment in life, we are all going to be dead, far too soon...

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wish we had been this adventurous since when we were married... spanking.. oral... and everything that is safe...

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