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Little spankings

My turn, but nothing too strong, just a way somewhat to solve a problem...  As usual, this is from my point of view, not Cindy's.
I was busy cooking tomato sauce, something I enjoy making, when Cindy and I had a little tiff. The end result was she picked up the food stirrer, and had me bare my bottom and bend over. A number of spanks later, with a few owws from me, and I was permitted to stand up and continue, after thanking Cindy for the spanking.
Less than a minute later, I was back with my bare bottom receiving another dose of the wooden stirrer, as Cindy was still unhappy with me.
My take on the situation is that Cindy considers the kitchen her domain, and my not doing some cooking the way she does was part of the problem. Also, a little lingering desire to spank me for spanking her remains. I have reminded her that she does not need a reason to spank me, so if she ever feels the need or desire, just spank me to solve the problem or mood.
Later that day, after inviting company to come for dinner, I asked Cindy to spank me, and she gave me a reasonable but not hard spanking, with the wooden hair brush, while bare bottomed over her knee. My bottom displayed two large red areas, one on each cheek
Dinner and the evening went well. The above hair brush is exactly like ours...
As a side note, the bedroom has all shoes placed properly away, so I can expect a stronger spanking soon...