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hints you are about to be spanked

A quick post that lets you know you are going to be spanked,
you come home to find this waiting on the table
 or maybe your wife wears a certain pair of shoes when spanking you OTK
little thinking is required to figure out your fate
 when you return home and this site greets you
FOOTNOTE: I sent this message to a reader (Mrs C) who I communicative with at times, and also I communicate with her husband
"I am doing a small post of shoes with spanking implements, and thought I might use the picture you sent me.. Is this acceptable to you and to your husband?

Mrs C's reply:
"Yes you may, and foot note it that the girl that wear these shoes also wear the pants.....and that if she is given permission from Cindy the brush will be used with your pants down. " 

[Aside: Fortunately, we do not live close to each other]

ANOTHER THOUGHT: would any other reader care to send a photo of one of their most frequently used spanking implements for me to post, possibly with the chair that the spanker usually sits on, (nothing that identifies you or your home, like the above photo, or the next photo!  I think Mrs. C. will enjoy seeing her photo on this blog!

or maybe a bedtime spanking is in order

whereas this is now the command
bottoms up