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F/M spanking fun

Not everything in life goes smoothly, so I recently sent this letter to Cindy
Hi Sweetie:

I think I handled it amazingly well, when you went slightly berserk....

The last time was only on Sunday, when you went over the top about your gym clothes not being washed....
You have the choice: either:

you go over my knee bare bottomed for 20 to 25 proper spanks with the wooden hair brush,  so that maybe next time you are starting to fly off the handle so to speak I can remind you of what happened previously.... and then you will control yourself.... knowing the consequences...
(remember that you once agreed for 20 spanks with the hair brush, just so you could basically ignore me on the cruise ship while reading a book for over two hours in the evening.... so many precedents exist....)
you take me over your knee for a longer spanking than you normally give, such that once my feet are doing a good dance for a while, you can pause, look at a watch we will have nearby, and then start spanking again with many spanks of strong intensity for two minutes... or less if I start pleading with you to stop... I would like to experience an intense spanking....

so, whose bottom is it to be

with love making to follow....

ps : just writing this has a very strong sexual reaction on my part... you would say WOW!!!

love always (even when you are flying off the handle...)

Fast forward two days after the letter:

The late afternoon before we were going to have company, Cindy decided it was time for me to be spanked, for fun and sexual foreplay.

As normal, Cindy bathed first, as she always does, to sensually relax in the tub, and think what was to come (on this I am actually guessing).

Cindy had  decided better to spank than be spanked...

The spanking was OTK with Cindy using the wooden hair brush, long and hard, and visiting different parts of my bottom for significant  lengths of time.....  Cindy appreciated my usual reactions of feet dancing and musical yelping.

MY bottom was very red when Cindy finally stopped,
and the ensuing lovemaking was fabulous.