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HisBoss: how spanking started in their life

As you will read below, this is how spanking started in a couple's life!!!!!!


Dear Red,
We have been following your blog for some time now and I must confess we are one of the many "lurkers" that fail to respond on blogs. 

After reading your request for others to comment on how their spanking life began, I thought I would step out of my comfort zone and send the bio I wrote for Fetlife and spanko.com. Not sure it’s what your looking for it is strickly from my point of view and not the hubby's. 

Keep up the good work, I look forward to reading others accounts as well.


My husband asked for this life style a little over 16 years ago out of the blue after 16 years of a VERY vanilla marriage. 

He put the DWC (Disciplinary Wives Club) website on the computer and said, "I would like this for us" and walked out of the room shaking like a leaf. I was very vanilla to the point of being naive about all this, and I confess my first reaction was to laugh. I really thought he was joking. 

I had NO idea he even had thoughts like this. He never hinted, acted in any way like he wanted to be spanked or controlled, even while playing around sexually. 

As you can imagine I felt terrible for laughing and brushing it off and decided, “Hey, I love this man. I would at the very least look into it.” 

So I explored the web…HOLY cow, the things I saw and read! Nothing that resembled the man I was married to at all. Funny though, I realized quickly the bottom line in it all – it’s simply a spanking, a red bottom with a little control over his life. I read that, “spanking helped relieve stress”, “would add sexual excitement and enhance a relationship, and be a way to become closer to the one you love.” So what’s wrong with that?

I sat him down and he confessed EVERYTHING…all his thoughts, fears, fantasies sexually and otherwise….I listened and for a few weeks after that I kept asking him questions while still surfing the web for answers. I found out more about this guy than I ever knew the first 16 years of marriage (and we had a GREAT marriage up to that point as it was). I learned about the “inner” him, the scared little boy who wanted someone to hold his hand once in a while, and to swat his bum when he got out of line. 

Then one day I said, “OK, let’s do it…I will give you a spanking.” We went in the bedroom, pulled his pants and underpants down, and he went over my lap. Now that was a trip for the first time for him and me…remember we were married 16 years and I was taking MY husband over MY lap to spank him! He was so embarrassed and I was scared to death. It was far from memorable and I am sure he was disappointed but I did it! 

Afterward we said nothing about it. I guess he figured that was it, nice try thanks for the memory. 

I on the other hand decided to write an e-mail to the lady who started the DWC website where it all started …she wrote back and said we needed to talk on the phone. 

We ended up having several phone conversations. She advised me on several nuances of the lifestyle and some tips and tricks…so I decided to “try” it again. 

Two weeks after the “first spanking” I came home from work, told him to go to the computer room pants and undies down, and bend over the desk. I had a paddle that he had made “just for me” when he saw I was at least a little interested. I told him to take a deep breath and I swatted his bum as hard as I could for as long as I thought he could take it. (actual photo of HISBOSS and husband)
He was raw afterward and did not say a word during the paddling…he stood up with tears in his eyes but he didn’t cry openly. He walked over hugged me and said, “I Love You” and I knew from that moment on this was going to be our new life.
Been a lot of hurdles since then but overall it has brought us closer than any couple we know – in fact most say we make them sick we are so clingy…lol. 
I also discovered after really becoming adept at spanking and control that I could get things I wanted out of the relationship – not just sexually or fulfilling his fantasy life but real changes in the way things were run in the family. 

He was overweight, took blood pressure meds, so I started him on an exercise routine with consequences….he lost a ton of weight, brought the blood pressure down, and the doctor took him off the meds. Now he goes for check-ups to the doc regularly because I make the appointments and tell him when he has one scheduled. He rarely went to the doctor before this arrangement. So, even though it is a sexual turn on, the side benefits of a sore behind are immeasurable! 

The power and control are also a HUGE turn on for me. I must have had this in me before because I took to the control thing like a duck to water!
Every Monday morning before work I give him “12 of the best” with a cane just to start the week off right for both of us. I look forward to that and I think he would be disappointed now if I stopped. 
It has become a lifestyle, not something we think about or talk about, it’s just our way of life. There are rules and there are consequences, there are paddles hanging indiscreetly on a couple walls, hairbrushes on the counters in the bathrooms. 
As far as I’m concerned there is nothing to hide and what’s our business is none of anyone else’s, and so far no one that visits has ever asked about any of that.
Thanks so very much for writing....
I would really really appreciate other readers write in and explain how spakng started in their life... and thier relationship with their partner.