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loopy johnny

I consider myself very lucky that we do NOT own any of these implements
They appear to be fierce, and are in fact fierce. (Ask Ronnie about them)
Just the thought of how effective it will be makes the following picture Awesome.
an extended length one and being in the following position, run for the hills
I am not certain what material this item is made of, but it should not be used on people's bottoms
One has to consider that the fine line between a conventional loopy johnny and a carpet beater is unclear, except to the spankee
but this position seems impossible, except as a photograph
and this photo shows how the marks are much more random (that is frightening) than any other implement. It is not just one line of the cane, nor is it the entire breadth of the hairbrush where the pain is distributed, it is all over in different areas at the same time
so, welcome the carpet beater to your bottom
 in whatever position desired by the spanker
and hope your spanker does not read this post!
 bottoms up