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archedone: how spanking started in his life

I occasionally talk with readers privately, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. It is a lot of work to keep posting everyday, and replying to every comment, and then finding time to visit blogs that I like. So for those friends who I occasionally chat with privately,  please accept my apologies that I do not respond immediately.

In addition, the travel bug hits often,, so I try to build up some posts that I can schedule for the future.

Archedone has sent me some emails about his  recent spankings, that you might find interesting to read, and imagine being in his place...

"I came across your site about a week ago.  I love it. I've posted a few comments in different areas and love the comments you get from others.  I also am a spanked husband, I also wear silk panties ( made for men ) and my spanking usually leads to sex. I would say I get erotic spanking even though my bottom is very red and sore after, and usually has a few welts from the whip she uses. I don't get much OTK, I'm usually bent over the spanking bench I made for her or bent over the end of the bed or other object.  She loves to spank me in different positions and we have a nice assortment of implements for her to carry out the spanking.  We have the whip I mentioned, a belt, strop, paddle, wooden spoon, rod.  She also loves to take pictures of my bottom during and after spanking, so she can show me my well spanked bottom after.  Keep up the good site."
Another about him and his wife, that is quite like many other couples I believe...

I know having company can put a crimp in activities, it sure does with ours.
I don't have a problem sharing information and learning more about you and Cindy. I used to have your blog in favorites but my wife asked me to remove it out of fear that someone like our kids who sometimes use our computer would see it.  She wants our spanking kept between us.  She does not know I keep in touch with other spankees.  I like to share my experiences with others and learn about theirs. Fantasy is always fun but being spanked by another is just that a fantasy and I don't really want it to happen nor does my wife.  I was hoping by having your blog in favorites she would look at it and learn more about spanking.

Our spanking started out as gentle play prior to sex then she found I loved it She didn't understand why I like the pain of being spanked but spanked me because I loved it.  Now she also enjoys spanking me. I don't think she really understands how many people love to spank or be spanked.  I've explained it to her but she still thinks we are kind of alone or very few.  We have a toy box beside our bed where we keep our "toys" and it's locked.  This may or may not sound kinky to you, but during some spankings she will take a picture of my bottom after each implement is used.  Then we will look at them together.  I have a bunch of them saved on a chip and look at them now and then and have even shared a few with other spankees. (PHOTO IS NOT archedone)
Oh and the nick I use archedone........I got that from being spanked as my bottom is usually arched up and out giving her good access.

Archedone recently moved from one state to another, so prior to  moving
 ""The first night I was spanked just because she wanted to spank me. She lowered my panties and over the side of the bed I went with my bottom well presented to her. I received a nice warm up with her hand, then I got the belt. Following the spanking I thanked her by giving her oral sex.
The second night I was spanked because I asked for one. This time I received the paddle, and belt.
After the spanking she sucked me, then straddle me while she rode my cock to a wonderful climax. "

Spanking was on hold for quite a while... but good things come to those who wait...
"No spanking in the new house yet, as we have been very busy unpacking and very tired at the end of the day. She did promise me a spanking in every room of the house so I have a lot to look forward to."

 And finally: A spanking to remember:

I had not received a spanking in 8 days because of company. Now it's Sunday and we are alone and I know my bottom will be bare and presented.  It's evening and R told me to shower and put on my light blue panties.  After my shower she told me that she was going to shower and before she was done, she wanted the belt, paddle, wooden spoon, whip and leather strop laid out for her, and to have two pillows ready for under my hips.
As she showered I laid out the items she wanted and put the pillows out.  I then relaxed in the family room waiting for her and thinking of the spanking I was about to receive.  Needless to say thinking about it gave me an erection.  When R came into the family room she told me to stand up.  She looked down and seen my erection, and said looks like someone is thinking about the spanking they are about to receive.  She grabbed me by my erect penis and said lets see how long that stays hard come with me.  Entering the bedroom she looked the implements over and said I did a good job of laying them out and the pillows were in the proper place.  She then led me to the side of the bed and pulled my panties down to my knees.  Over the pillows and present your bottom to me.  I got into position, and she rubbed and patted my nude bottom.  Then I felt her dragging the whip over my cheeks. I think a few stripes on your bottom are in order don't you she said.Yes honey please use the whip on me.  I don't know why I said that because after the first one landed and I felt my bottom screaming at me, I knew I was in for it.  She only gave me 10 with the whip, which was good because I was hollering and kicking. Next she went to the wooden spoon.  At least for me if I haven't been spanked regular it seems the spanking stings more, and the wooden spoon confirmed that. She took her time and covered both cheeks and the sides of my cheeks with the spoon.  Again I was kicking and wiggling my bottom as she spanked.  I didn't count but I think I received about 20 with the Sspoon, and when she was done, she commented that my bottom was already very red.  The leather strop was next and she was careful to make sure each spank covered both cheeks at once. Some of us spankees must be crazy because as she spanked I was hollering yes, yes honey spank me good.  Why do I say such dumb things?  Well she did go a good job with the strop and I felt like my bottom was on fire.  And I think I only got 15 with the strop.

The paddle was next, and she didn't lighten up. In fact she treated my cheeks like they were drums and kinda keeping a beat going from one cheek to the other.  Many ouches and owwws later and after more kicking she laid the paddle was put down.  She inspected my bottom to be sure she had covered all areas and during the inspection she commented that she loved the way I kicked and wiggled my bottom.
Finally she dragged the belt over my sore bottom.  Almost done with your spanking dear are you ready for the belt?  Now why even ask that?  Do I have a choice? I don't think so.

Like the strop she landed on both cheeks at once, then when from one cheek to the other and laid some spanks where my legs and bottom meet. OUCH.  I must have gotten another 20 from the belt but am not sure as again I was busy hollering and kicking and wiggling.
Following the belt another inspection of my bottom was in order to be sure she covered everything.
Then a few hand spanks, ( after those implement even her hand stings )
she told me to get up.  She then laid on the bed with her legs spread. 

Now thank me dear for giving you a good spanking.  I knew what she wanted and put my head between her legs and began to lick her and bring her to a wonderful climax.
I was not left out, and after she climaxed and took matters into her own hands and mouth and give me a great climax.
Now I'm looking forward to getting spanked in many different positions in every room of the house.