Consensual Spanking

Ladies and gentlemen, it is once more time to either pick up that hair brush, or bare your bottom, as once again consensual spanking day is upon us.
 The challenge is out their to see how many people can SPANK or be SPANKED on one day, and report about being spanked.
Consensual Spanking Day has been promoted by Todd and Suzy of, but if anyone knows the earliest mention, please let us all know. I checked their 2011 posting, and no mention of the day occurred. They have a neat feature of a calendar to go back in time, but it also is a little tedious to have to keep clicking to get back 12 months ago.
So, as this blog is entitled Consensual Spanking, and over 3000 unique people visit on average every day(July 2012 statistics), I am picking up the banner and advertising the day.
So Pick up that hair brush... or any other implement
 hopefully more than .. xxx.... will spank or be spanked today, and report in tomorrow or later this week.
and with enthusism bare that bottom
whether indoors or outdoors
and don't be surprised
Your bottom deserves a spanking every now and then
happy spankings

did you spank or were you spanked

I thought I would ask my readers if they had spanked or been spanked on Consensual; Spanking Day

I hope that everyone is comfortable enough to ask to be spanked, just for the fun of the experience.

You should note that we do NOT believe in bruising, or blood, and I never post any pictures of this nature.

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spanking and weight

My weight has started oving downward again, as I cut down on alcohol over-indulgence. Also gardening, working out with heavier weights at the gym, running longer on the treadmill with a faster (slightly) speed, cutting down on late night snacks, eating more fuit, and drinking water more often. One key idea is having a large glass of water before we go out to the bar (when we go about once a week), after a officiating duty.What use to be two pints to quench the thirst is now one. Still holding out for real beer over light beer.

I am approximately 5' 10.25", and weighing 178 pounds. Wish I was weighed in kilos, the weight would seem so much less.

I asked to be spanked, as a reward/discipline to continue losing weight. Cindy agreed.

The spanking was OTK, obviously on a bare bottom save for that one time in flimsy panties, and Cindy did an excellent job with the Vermont Country bath brush,. (Long since been removed from their website... I thought it was a big seller).

Cindy remarked how well my feet were dancing, and spanked home the point that I have to stay with the program, or get a much more severe spanking, or worse yet, no spankings whatsoever. Now that is a threat for a spanko to take VERY SERIOUSLY!

I have not been posting my spankings in daily sequence, but that have been quite a few in a very short space of days. I have some other posts built up, and want to air them also, specifically strap-on sex that we will try..

bigger spankings

Cindy was annoyed, to put it mildly, yesterday, so we seem to be in a spate of spankings era. I had been at the gym earlier in the day, and had to cover my bottom, as when I looked in the mirror, I saw two red circular areas, one on each cheek, the place that many times is spanked grey.

That afternoon, Cindy revealed why she was upset, but was about to go out in ten minutes. I stated it only takes a couple of minutes to spank me, so she told me to go to the bedroom, and she followed right behind.

I stopped at the spanking chair,  as she went into the bathroom to retrieve the hairbrush.
Bare bottom, over her knees, and the airbrush danced a quick tune on my bottom. However, she did not apply it as hard as she usually does, and my feet did NOT start dancing, nor was I oohing.
 The spanking stopped, and I thanked her for the spanking. Moments later her friend was in the driveway and at the door. Had she already been their and returned??? Who knows. With the air conditioning on, can my spankings be heard from our doorway???? Only time will tell.

Later that day, when Cindy came home, I apologized again, and stated I will try better. I added that the spanking had been light, as my feet were not dancing. She had probably seen the red circles when starting, and had gone easy.

Wanting to make certain everything was okay, I continued with: You can be very effective in little amount of time, if you use the cane. This has not been used in ages. You guessed it.

Bending with my hands on my knees, bare bottom, Cindy applied the  Hollerin' Hollow to my bottom, with quick snappy strokes. Cindy does not use her full strength, to my good fortune, but the strokes were very effective. She then had me stand upright, where a few more were given to the top of my cheeks.
I was permitted to look in the mirror, and could see some stripes.

Problems solved: We proceeded to make love, orally starting our engines, and then Cindy using her vibrator  while I was inside her in a spooning position.   A wonderful time was had by both, and then we had a lobster dinner, which is my cooking specialty.

fun spankings

A blog that is new to me has an exhilarating amount of fun spankings.
With the phenomenon of more and more people flashing, it would seem reasonable that more and more people would not mind a photo of themselves being playfully spanked.
 Some seem to have quite an impact on the recipient..
 Definitely an impact

    Moreover, posting it would be fun and show how adventurous they are....

However, they are almost exclusively younger 20 something people, as us older people have already built a lifestyle and family, where the pictures might be too revealing for friends or family to see...
(Father.. are you CRAZY)
If you like these type of photos, blended in with other photos of spankings or s panked bottoms... then you might like to visit:

You might also notice a large amount of the photos have people holding a bottle of beer..
so go give Bryan a hello from Red and tell him to keep up the good work

Strap-on pegging is about sex: not just bend over: (part two)

However, they make some really valid points to think about, so I have edited and condensed some of the articles, and hopefully the link in each post, and on my sites to visit will be suitable for them. I will also send an email requesting permission, after I have posted twice, so as they can gauge if I have had any effect for their site.

Thomas Roche: Memo to the Pegged:

Now comes the easy part, right? Because if you're a guy, getting pegged by a woman with a strap-on consists of one simple thing, right? You just, you know, bend over.
1. If you're about to play with a a hot woman with a strap-on for your very first time, learn one simple fact before you ever drop trou: getting pegged is not about "taking" "it" "in" "the" "ass" -- it's about sex, with a woman with a dick (in this case, of the strap-on variety).
observation: do not forget foreplay, love, cuddling, romance, setting the scene, verbal banter... everything that makes for great sex.
2. If she's just an average girl in an average world, and you're just an average guy looking to spread his thighs, and this is the first time the two of you have played with strap-on sex together, then this will be important advice.

Your confidence will encourage her confidence, and you'll both have a hell of lot better time.
What does that mean? It means engaging all her five senses.

look at it..  
Let her eyes see your eyes -- looking at her dick.
mix up eye contact, 
inspired dirty talk, audible horny panting and visibly ravenous dick-checks and you'll engage her fully.  

Coo for it.  Holy fucking shit that looks fucking hot, baby." 
Touch it and reach for it.  touch it like it's part of her, because it is. Or if it's not, then with the right amount of encouragement, maybe soon she'll feel like it is. Treat it like it's a real dick; stroke it, fondle it, caress it, Feel free to touch the rest of her, too -- touch her tits and her ass and her thighs and her belly; kiss her and...

Why You Really (Really!) Need to Suck Her Cock    the wearer doesn't feel any pleasure, right? Wrong.
The erotic charge that strap-on wearing females can feel is intensely augmented by ritual.
This may have to do with her dominance, your submission, with her power.

 And Now, The Anal Sex
The preceding paragraphs will, hopefully, encourage you to think of the interaction less as a female-on-male buttfuck and more as a male-on-female-with-a-strap-on par-tay.
First, don't be afraid to use your hands to guide her cock into you.
Second -- did we mention lube?
Last, and most important, pick a position that allows you to control the penetration.
In that case, "doggy style" can be a very good position to give you control -- even if you're not muscular, a guy's thighs tend to be his most powerful muscles.
In that case, if you're in control, have her remain relatively still and push yourself back onto her. You won't be able to see what you're doing, so don't be shy -- use your hands.

 A Few Last Words About Shyness
If you're feeling shy about getting up close and personal with that dick, then there's only one thing to do -- get over it. Dive right in and be active, and let her take the lead when and if she feels confident enough to do that.
And if she's the type who wants to pin you down and take you -- well, you'll get that message pretty quick.
But even then, she'll probably enjoy herself more knowing how bad you want it!

Domination: cosmopolitan fun ideas August 2012

I am somewhat a fan of Cosmopolitan magazine, because it can sometimes have some fun ideas for sexual ideas. All come off the theme of "fifty shades of gray"

This months latest edition has two pages of fun ideas..

Page 156: Dominate him: fun ways for a woman to amp up the intensity a wee bit, specially if she is usually the submissive.
Reasonable and  interesting ideas 26 of them:

Like kneel on top of him - with your knees pinning his arms- and have him tease you with his mouth...
Use the back of a brush to swat his thighs when he steps out of the shower- wet skin is more sensitive

dig your nails into his ass as he thrusts into you, and hold him inside you at the deepest point, refusing to let him move for 30 seconds...

On the other side of the coin: Let him take control: Page 157

Tell him to grab the bottom front of your tee shirt and pull it over your head., sliding it halfway down your arms to restrict them while he has his way with you...


Lie across an ottoman and ttell him:"Professor Wankerman, I've been bad, and I  need a spanking"


buy a tiny remote-control vibrator, and slip it in your underwear before dinner- then hand him the controller...

My idea with Cindy is we might cross out for or five each that are not our thing on each list, then occasionally before making love pick a number out of a hat and that item will be part of our sexual encounter....

keep smiling
make love
spank often

FEELINGS: Strap-on (pegging) part three

FEELINGS: Making love differently!

Think about it: "How about a femme with a nice, big silicone cock ready and waiting under her skirt!"
Observation: Not necessarily when you were expecting it, but when she was in the mood. 

Seems very similar to me to being spanked when your partner decides you need a spanking, for no other reason than she likes spanking you.

Similarly, if you both like this type of sex play and performance, then she should be able to choose the when and how as much as you can as long as it is consensual.

"Good news; femme cock has reared its sexy head, and is here to stay. Femmes all over the world are strapping it on proudly, and giving their partners the rides of their lives. There's nothing quite like a color-coordinated lady in nothing but earrings, a harness and a dildo – all matching, of course."

observation: if you are reading part three of this four part posting, you are at least somewhat intrigued, if not down right interested.

"Just remember to dress how YOU feel comfortable, whether that is a skirt, slacks, jeans or a dress. Most semi to full coverage ladies underwear (bikini cut, briefs, boy shorts, etc) are perfect for packing. Ready to power it on?  (What would you think if you saw your partner "packing" like in this next photo???
  I thought so! :)
Just press up against your partner so they can feel what you're packing and note their reaction to what you've got under your skirt."
That, I believe, would be amazing....
"How to rock the femme cock?
Rule number one; you ARE sexy. Period. 
Cock or not, no matter what you're wearing, or who you're with, remember that you are one sexy lady."
observation; make certain your partner knows that you find them sexy, amazing, beautiful, with or without packing a strap-on.
"Cocks need love too;
let your partner know that it's hot to get a blow job from them, and that stimulation of the cock (hand job, blow job, fucking, etc) can go right through to your clit, which feels good."
"It's ok to be silly. Shake it all around, wave it in someone's face, give it a funny voice. Cocks are fun, and it's perfectly acceptable to be silly around and with your new appendage. Sex should be fun.
So take some of these tips, pack it in, strap it on, and get ready to rock the world with your femme cock. Cock; it's not just for butch dykes anymore!"
Have FUN!! That is what life is all about..

bottoms up (differently than when you are about to be spanked)