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spanking and weight

My weight has started oving downward again, as I cut down on alcohol over-indulgence. Also gardening, working out with heavier weights at the gym, running longer on the treadmill with a faster (slightly) speed, cutting down on late night snacks, eating more fuit, and drinking water more often. One key idea is having a large glass of water before we go out to the bar (when we go about once a week), after a officiating duty.What use to be two pints to quench the thirst is now one. Still holding out for real beer over light beer.

I am approximately 5' 10.25", and weighing 178 pounds. Wish I was weighed in kilos, the weight would seem so much less.

I asked to be spanked, as a reward/discipline to continue losing weight. Cindy agreed.

The spanking was OTK, obviously on a bare bottom save for that one time in flimsy panties, and Cindy did an excellent job with the Vermont Country bath brush,. (Long since been removed from their website... I thought it was a big seller).

Cindy remarked how well my feet were dancing, and spanked home the point that I have to stay with the program, or get a much more severe spanking, or worse yet, no spankings whatsoever. Now that is a threat for a spanko to take VERY SERIOUSLY!

I have not been posting my spankings in daily sequence, but that have been quite a few in a very short space of days. I have some other posts built up, and want to air them also, specifically strap-on sex that we will try..