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Asking to be Spanked?

Cosmopolitan advice page 101 February 2012"

I asked my guy to spank me, and he said no. Does he think I'm a total freak?

 Answer: I'm sure he doesn't think you're weird. But to be fair to your guy, asking him to spank you is a little more intense than saying you want a kiss. The request probably took him by surprise- especially if you said it mid-action when his brain was foggy with pleasure.
That's likely why he reflexively said no.
Now that the mild shock has worn off, he may be intrigued but doesn't know how to bring it back up.The next time you're having sex, grab his hand, put it on your ass, and tell him you'll do anything if he gives you a light smack. If he still hesitates, it's just not his thing.
Interesting question and answer....
The idea of suggesting you will do the other person's dark fantasies is a great way to introduce a little spanking.
life is too short not to have fun...