bigger spankings

Cindy was annoyed, to put it mildly, yesterday, so we seem to be in a spate of spankings era. I had been at the gym earlier in the day, and had to cover my bottom, as when I looked in the mirror, I saw two red circular areas, one on each cheek, the place that many times is spanked grey.

That afternoon, Cindy revealed why she was upset, but was about to go out in ten minutes. I stated it only takes a couple of minutes to spank me, so she told me to go to the bedroom, and she followed right behind.

I stopped at the spanking chair,  as she went into the bathroom to retrieve the hairbrush.
Bare bottom, over her knees, and the airbrush danced a quick tune on my bottom. However, she did not apply it as hard as she usually does, and my feet did NOT start dancing, nor was I oohing.
 The spanking stopped, and I thanked her for the spanking. Moments later her friend was in the driveway and at the door. Had she already been their and returned??? Who knows. With the air conditioning on, can my spankings be heard from our doorway???? Only time will tell.

Later that day, when Cindy came home, I apologized again, and stated I will try better. I added that the spanking had been light, as my feet were not dancing. She had probably seen the red circles when starting, and had gone easy.

Wanting to make certain everything was okay, I continued with: You can be very effective in little amount of time, if you use the cane. This has not been used in ages. You guessed it.

Bending with my hands on my knees, bare bottom, Cindy applied the  Hollerin' Hollow to my bottom, with quick snappy strokes. Cindy does not use her full strength, to my good fortune, but the strokes were very effective. She then had me stand upright, where a few more were given to the top of my cheeks.
I was permitted to look in the mirror, and could see some stripes.

Problems solved: We proceeded to make love, orally starting our engines, and then Cindy using her vibrator  while I was inside her in a spooning position.   A wonderful time was had by both, and then we had a lobster dinner, which is my cooking specialty.