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wedding pictures get risque

I have been building a number of artwork and wedding pictures, when I realized that this is really becoming more commonplace than when we were married.
But back then, we only had Polaroid cameras to take pictures that did not need other people to develop and SEE the pictures.

If you go back in time, would you not want to take pictures of your bride and yourself, undressing and more.
Maybe even photos of your first spanking...
 or about to be spanked
Websites on tumblr are devoted solely to this topic...
Now, I fully understand that many of the pictures are done that simply have women wearing wedding dresses for the photo shoot
and numerous simply have white lingerie,
Think about it... so many websites and tumblrs  of women being PROUD of their body, why not display it for the camera on your most wonderful day.
and some are taken by ???friends???  with a cell phone

 but many also are real and posed
Times change!
Another site is most likely just paid models, but fun to browse the archive for a minute or two
Have fun
as you can tell i always enjoy looking at women!!!!
 bottoms up