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Domination: cosmopolitan fun ideas August 2012

I am somewhat a fan of Cosmopolitan magazine, because it can sometimes have some fun ideas for sexual ideas. All come off the theme of "fifty shades of gray"

This months latest edition has two pages of fun ideas..

Page 156: Dominate him: fun ways for a woman to amp up the intensity a wee bit, specially if she is usually the submissive.
Reasonable and  interesting ideas 26 of them:

Like kneel on top of him - with your knees pinning his arms- and have him tease you with his mouth...
Use the back of a brush to swat his thighs when he steps out of the shower- wet skin is more sensitive

dig your nails into his ass as he thrusts into you, and hold him inside you at the deepest point, refusing to let him move for 30 seconds...

On the other side of the coin: Let him take control: Page 157

Tell him to grab the bottom front of your tee shirt and pull it over your head., sliding it halfway down your arms to restrict them while he has his way with you...


Lie across an ottoman and ttell him:"Professor Wankerman, I've been bad, and I  need a spanking"


buy a tiny remote-control vibrator, and slip it in your underwear before dinner- then hand him the controller...

My idea with Cindy is we might cross out for or five each that are not our thing on each list, then occasionally before making love pick a number out of a hat and that item will be part of our sexual encounter....

keep smiling
make love
spank often