Consensual Spanking

Ladies and gentlemen, it is once more time to either pick up that hair brush, or bare your bottom, as once again consensual spanking day is upon us.
 The challenge is out their to see how many people can SPANK or be SPANKED on one day, and report about being spanked.
Consensual Spanking Day has been promoted by Todd and Suzy of, but if anyone knows the earliest mention, please let us all know. I checked their 2011 posting, and no mention of the day occurred. They have a neat feature of a calendar to go back in time, but it also is a little tedious to have to keep clicking to get back 12 months ago.
So, as this blog is entitled Consensual Spanking, and over 3000 unique people visit on average every day(July 2012 statistics), I am picking up the banner and advertising the day.
So Pick up that hair brush... or any other implement
 hopefully more than .. xxx.... will spank or be spanked today, and report in tomorrow or later this week.
and with enthusism bare that bottom
whether indoors or outdoors
and don't be surprised
Your bottom deserves a spanking every now and then
happy spankings