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sign Mondays

Today, the posting will simply look at some of the creative signs that people make regarding The Thing We Do. (TTWD)
I include TTWD because there are always new people looking into the idea of spanking, and for the longest time I had no idea what the letters stood for... DUH!!!
My title (consensual spanking) must be attracting readers, because of the potency of Fifty shades, and the title itself.
If you look at the on-line counter, it boggles my mind that I recently saw 87 persons online on this blog at the same time.. I wish I got a penny for every visit!
A response like in the cartoon above would definitely lead to the following very quickly...
 and then
Hopefully this is part of the cool down (the thoughts expressed in a record album cover)
(if you do not believe google search on Svetlana Gruebbersolvik
and a few thoughts to consider
and the following applies equally to a man as it might apply to a woman...
a parting thought
hope you are smiling
It therefore goes without comment that