spanking aunts :tumblr

 Well, it appears that more and more tumblrs keep on spreading the pictures of spankings, much to many people's delight.
 All the pictures in this post come from the site
 I was a little reluctant to publicize this one originally, thinking it might mean the spanking of children.
However, having looked at it's archive, it is overwhelmingly a F/M, and F/F site, with plenty of stern looking women eager to spank you... 
The title when you get to the site is Spanking Aunts...
So go have a look, you will enjoy what you find...
The tumblr only started June 21, 2012, but has many pages already
Note: if you like slipper spankings, then you will really enjoy this site, and another I will post about in a few days.
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