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Thought I would throw this topic out their again for those men that are interested.

 In searching tumblr and other blogs, the topic or pictures come up now and then.
I have posted a few polls about men wearing panties, so you could click on the link at the bottom of this post, and it will show sequentially all posts dedicated to the topic.
You could vote on the topic if you have not previously voted.

I have moved up in the world of panties (or some might say down in the world), but live and let live is a good motto to have.
I wear panties maybe three or four days a week,for at least part of the day. If I am gong golfing, I obviously would not need more distractions by wearing them.
 I must admit that although I have asked Cindy to leave a pair of panties out for me to wear sometime, she has little interest in doing that, at the present time.

However, she does not mind my wearing them, and comments on them from time to time.

Moreover, I have bought matching pairs at Victoria Secret,  and she has been excited to see us wearing matching when about to make love.

Best advice for shy men is to purchase before Christmas, or Valentine's Day, whenthey could be a gift for your partner.
Now is she offering you these to wear, or just to say now we have nothing in the way of making love.
Regular long woman's pink panties are not my thing, preferring lacy lingerie panties.
However, you could visit http://husbandspankings.blogspot.com/  
and see the pink and/or white panties that angry wife's  husband wears, as shown in this last picture
These PINK are frilly, but the only time I ever wear a garter strap, and stockings, is when I PLAY HOCKEY. Who knows what I may try however in the future.