humor and F/M

Thought I would post a little joke with these posts. Humor is always healthy, maybe it healped me survive a heart attack.
I thought it had humor...
The result is predictable

and a few lines to write about my behaving

Sign Sunday

Little thoughts you might like
The above description was not written by someone in a spanking relationship! I have yet to find a wooden bath brush that would meet that description
A truer statement has never been made in the next one...
Now remember
IF the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, then would this also be true
 Have fun everyday
And one for the F/M enthusiasts

smiling and spanking

guess what happened afterwards
 how about this from Australia (an actual sign)

I think I should just get on my motorcycle and ride off into the night...
oh well, maybe it is just not my day

they all want in on the action


For all those people out there wishing they were in a spanking relationship, this is an article you should read....
Hermione recently posted about it, but our blogs have some cross-over of readers, but many who do not read both blogs.Here is what Hermione had to say about the issue..
I receive emails at times about how to get their partner to spank them. I don't really know how to answer!
Love, trust, a solid relationship, and a caring in the relationship all are necessary.

Maybe some readers will step up to the plate and tell how they came about discussing spanking, and becoming comfortable with spanking their partner.
 and after the spanking, both can admire the handiwork
Go read the article... it is worthwhile...

images and captions for spankings

Spanking is a feature of both the physical aspects and the mental.aspects. No doubt is in your mind when you see the following picture
 Nor this picture, where you can just feel the fire in your bottom after being spanked outdoors
 I am always amazed at how much the mental aspects can excite the senses. Just look at the following picture, as a spanking enthusiast...
Simply reading spanking related captions, with a setting that can easily transform for a spanking to be given immediately is fun. Being spanked by your sister-in-law, or girl friends sister. The embarrassment, the shame, the erection that will certainly occur..
or maybe your girlfriend has told her Mum!

Enjoy thinking about spanking today, if you are not invovled in spanking or being spanked today.

spanked and sex


We saw the doctor on Friday, and basically he said that I should be fine, and that I should be back to normal soon!!! I am in a rehabilitation program, and am, unfortunately for me, one of the youngest, but also about the fittest. 

So, yesterday, we went for a walk (Hike) in a nearby wildlife management area. the hike was up and down short and longer inclines, and a real workout. I felt good, but tired, because I have not really done anything remotely strenuous for 6 weeks.

Later, but before dinner, we decided to make love, and I suggested a little spanking also.  Cindy bathed, and then we cuddled, and I suggested that I could be on my tummy over a pillow, and she could use the wooden hair brush a little.

Cindy agreed, a little reluctantly. However, after a few tentative spanks, she lost any reticence she had, and gave quite strong spanks on the top half of my bottom. Probably 40 or more spanks, some quite significant on a bottom that had softened significantly over the last six weeks.

When Cindy stopped, we cuddled and made slow passionate love,with fabulous orgasm for each eventually.

Nice to be getting back in the role of normal living.

female domination: avoid being a pinata

A whimsical collection of photos for your entertainment
if you follow all of these guidelines, hopefully you will not be invited to a pinata party... as the pinata
That's right, a few paces behind and slightly bent over, and carrying her purse for her
After a long day, it is always nice to have a footstool handy
When she has a few friends over, be certain to be cooperative
Serve drinks when requested..
Be ready to drop to your knees whenever requested, no doubt as to why.....
Be pleasant and accommodating to help her FEEL the erotic literature she is reading
and keep her content while she is messaging her friends
So remember those kind words she whispered to you after your last spanking
and avoid being a pinata.

femdom marriage

Another  tumblr site that might catch a specialized audience is Femdom Marriage


  It is for (as it posts) Dom wives / Sub husband

"Pictures and stories, you can imagine, that they are about married people. No leather, no latex, no dungeons."

It had  799 pages of photos when I wrote this, so it is certainly over 800 now.
It would be best to look at the archive....

As it states no dungeons, but foot worship, face sitting, spanking, anilingus, pegging, dom /sub roles

So everything a heart could desire

but possibly others you would give an avoiding pass.

All the photos posted come from this site.