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quick kitchen spanking

Spankings in the kitchen, when your partner is unhappy with you, are extremely effective. Yesterday was no exception, as once again I was well spanked on my pantied bottom, bending over the counter while Cindy vigorously applied an implement even more effective than the spoon shown.

Cindy has many times (too numerous to count)  had me bare my bottom in the kitchen, bend over the counter, and spanked away with vigor.

The red and tell tale pale white section of this man's bottom is clearly very similar to mine, after a spanking like this. The pale gray (white) area will redden after a while, and stay red longer than any other part of the bottom.
The little whispers of what will happen if this behavior ever re-occurs is quite thrilling. Who would over hear what is said? IF they overheard, then they certainly heard the spanking.
Clicking on the pictures will take you to Dana's site, if I did it correctly.
However, there is always the following possibilities in the kitchen.