spanked then making love

Last week, we had a little fun, where we involved spanking as foreplay, then making love.

It is a wonderful combination. You should try it sometime.

First, Cindy takes a small quick freshen up bath, putson some lingerie, then calls me to our bedroom. Sometimes I put on panties, and some times not. We cuddle and caress, and kiss and make-out in the old-fashioned idea.

Cindy then states it is time for the spanking, and this time it was the bath brush to catch my attention. Let me tell you that a long handled wooden bath brush definitely does the job of delivering a good spanking.
Cindy takes a place at the top of the bed, and I lie over her knees, Thus, my whole weight is supported by the bed, as we take care not to have my head below my body for any length of time. Not certain if it is dangerous, but I get a little dizzy with these drugs when this happens.
The spanking was a hand warm-up, followed by a merry tune of my owwing and dancing to the rhythm of the bath brush heating up  my bottom. Cindy makes certain that the spanking is effective, and verbally admiring  what a nice shade of bright red my bottom is, when she stops.
I always thank her for spanking me, whether a for fun spanking like this one, or a disciplinary spanking.
We then proceed to cuddling, caressing, kissing, licking... you get the idea, until finally I bring Cindy to orgasm orally, and then we fuck until I orgasm. Various varieties of this theme occurs each time, with varying positions found in Cosmopolitan magazine, Kama Sutra books, etc.   one can always learn something new, so keep experimenting.