Cindy spanked

We recently got back to spanking, and we both enjoyed it. Cindy had been fretting too much over my health, and letting it stress both of us out. She eventually calms down, but previously she agreed that if she did it again I could spank her for it.

Well, it happened again. When she and I realized and I calmed her down< I reminded her that she has earned a spanking, followed by making love. Cindy tried to talk her way out of it, but I was not persuaded, so off she went to take a quick freshen up bath and I waited comfortably on our bed.

Cindy finished, and came to the bed where we first kissed and cuddled, before I requested she lie over my lap. She reluctantly did  so.

A few spanks, and her bottom was a light pink, followed by some rubbing and caressing by me, a few more spanks, and then some fondling between her legs so as she would stay in place, as I wanted both of us to be enjoying the spanking. We talked a little about her stressing herself out regarding my health, and how bad that was for her and also for me. Spank spank, now harder, making a satisfying noise and ooow from Cindy. She exclaimed that that should be enough, but I coaxed her to accept a few more spanks to remember why she was being spanked.

Her bottom was a nice shade of red when I stopped, and then kissed her bottom for her and my benefit. We then cuddled, caressed, kissed, sucked and licked her to a tremendous orgasm!!!! We both love this position of domination submission, but truly being in love

followed by my entering her for my won fabulous orgasm.

Spanking, if accepted and consensual, solves minor problems, and leads to fabulously enhanced sex.
We recommend it wholeheartedly.