spanked and sex


We saw the doctor on Friday, and basically he said that I should be fine, and that I should be back to normal soon!!! I am in a rehabilitation program, and am, unfortunately for me, one of the youngest, but also about the fittest. 

So, yesterday, we went for a walk (Hike) in a nearby wildlife management area. the hike was up and down short and longer inclines, and a real workout. I felt good, but tired, because I have not really done anything remotely strenuous for 6 weeks.

Later, but before dinner, we decided to make love, and I suggested a little spanking also.  Cindy bathed, and then we cuddled, and I suggested that I could be on my tummy over a pillow, and she could use the wooden hair brush a little.

Cindy agreed, a little reluctantly. However, after a few tentative spanks, she lost any reticence she had, and gave quite strong spanks on the top half of my bottom. Probably 40 or more spanks, some quite significant on a bottom that had softened significantly over the last six weeks.

When Cindy stopped, we cuddled and made slow passionate love,with fabulous orgasm for each eventually.

Nice to be getting back in the role of normal living.