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spanked husband - warning spanking before a party

 I always try to write titles that makes it easier for anyone trolling for information about being spanked. Thus, Google and other web browsers will find this maybe a little easier.

A couple of days ago, we were once again going to the friends house for a dinner party, with two other couples. safety in numbers, because more people join in the conversation.

However, I asked Cindy for a spanking, so that my bottom would remind me to be alert and  positive. Cindy felt only a small but effective spanking would be in order.

The spanking occurred only a couple of minutes after I was out of the shower.
If you have not experienced a spanking after a shower or hot bath, you should try it someday!!!!

It is extremely EFFECTIVE.
As is only appropriate, it was bare bottom over her knee for first some hard hand spanks,
followed by the bath brush.

The hand spanks felt hard, and the first spank with the bath brush had my feet do a little dance, and verbal owws. Each spank was hard, no holding back, going from cheek to cheek.
Then Cindy announced that six more spanks because their will be six other people there besides us. Each precipitated a foot reaction, and I was very thankful that it waa not a dinner party for 20 guests.
I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and I got dressed.

The dinner party was very pleasant, and I made a point of asking follow-up questions of one couple who have done some very interesting travels that we would like to do in the future. Our hosts were extremely gracious, as they are wonderful people. The main serious problem that exists is they can talk about any small item for 20 minutes giving details and previous acquaintances life history in discussing anything. Still, I and Cindy are trying our best to keep the conversation moving forward, whenever we can leap in.