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Celebrity movie archive : your EARLY Christmas present

This present could get you spanked, if you are a man, and your partner does not like you looking at women in various stages of undress.(how about Michelle Monaghan with crop)

(Above Emmanuelle Vaugier from appearing on Two and a half men, plus a couple of movies one tht was quite good but i forget the name)

You can tour the site for free, but do NOT get the high res photos, but what you get is darn good.

(Keira Knightly..... who stated something of the nature that her breasts all so small, no one would notice... Keira.. we do notice and petite is as hot as any other size of women's breasts)

Have you watched a movie, seen an attractive actor (female) somewhat or totally nude, and wish you could see that little portion of the film again. 
Cate Blanchett above) 
Aha you say,

that is what a dvd or download is for.
(Kate Winslet above) 
True, but seeing an actor who is attractive, and your mind might wonder if she has shown a little more of her body in another film.

The answer is probably YES!!! How many different actors do they have photos of. OVER 7500)

When you see the Lady without clothes, you also have removed all the trappings of stardom, without designer fashions, etc......

Enjoy your Christmas present! (Billie Piper from Dr. WHO above)

You may have to pay for it sooner than you expect...

bottoms up