preventive spanking (behavior)

It might take a little suggestion on my part,but Cindy is willing to follow through on my requests. We were going out to a couple's house for dinner, and although they are wonderful people, they talk a lot more about absolute trivia with great passion.

We have previously solved my staying calm and pleasant, by a spanking before we go to visit, or have them come over to our house. The tried and true method is a good hard spanking, so that I feel it while seated, or even standing.

I suggested the spanking, and then we could also make love.

In relatively no time whatsoever, after a quick freshen up bath / shower for both of us, I was bare bottomed over Cindy's knees! Cindy sits in the middle of the bed, so I am prone and not having the head down, nor supporting my weight with my hands and shoulders.

Cindy retrieved the wooden hair brush herself, so she was definitely eager.

A few hard hand spanks, and then the brush started it's magic. Cindy spanks one cheek for eight or more spanks, then moves to the other cheek to spread the warming pain. This spanking was harder than the last one, and my bottom has been slow in recovering from it, by my way of thinking.

The brush was now moving from cheek to cheek, and higher up then lower down my bottom, as a bit  of a lecture began. Lecturing, Cindy simply kept spanking away, non-stop with how good our friends are, you would never want to hurt their feelings, as my bottom felt the brunt of the discussion.

The brush continued it's magic, as my feet started dancing.
Cindy finally stopped, and we cuddled, kissed, and made passionate love. Cindy and I like her being in the cowboy position, where she can grind my hot bottom into the bed. We are also trying other positions, as experimenting is wonderfully exciting.

My bottom was fire engine red when we were getting changed for dinner, and about five hours later when back at home, my bottom was still red in the main area. The next morning, a blush shade of red was still present.
Oh yes, the dinner went well, but I teased Cindy which if she remembers might get me spanked again. When declining more wine as she said she might be a little tipsy, I teased her not to drink too much or i might have to spank her!!!! I have never said that to anyone before, but it was glossed over with a little laugh, as hte husband had already left the table and was elsewhere.